Introduction to the Spanish Universalist School

Enlightened Culture and Education versus Politics


Introduction to the Spanish Universalist School presents the most significant authors, works, and concepts of a distinctive humanistic and scientific intellectual community, one mostly comprised of ex-Jesuits exiled to Italy at the end of the eighteenth century. The study of this corner of the Hispanic Enlightenment, marked especially by the work of Juan Andrés, Lorenzo Hervás, and Antonio Eximeno, offers contributions to the history of European sciences and letters, to the history of ideas, and to the concepts of universality and globalization.

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Pedro Aullón de Haro is Professor of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the University of Alicante. He is the author of many monographs in different languages on subjects such as aesthetics, comparatism, literary criticism, and the history of ideas.
Davide Mombelli is Associate Professor at the University of Alicante. He has translated into Spanish and edited several works by Juan Andrés. His research interests include globalization, the history of ideas, aesthetics, comparatism, and Italian philology.

  PART 1
The Spanish Universalist School of the XVIII Century
1 The Universalist Enlightenment
2 Universalism and Intercontinentalism: America-Europe-Asia
3 Human Sciences and Empiricism, Comparistics and Aesthetics

  PART 2
Universalist Enlightenment and Education
4 Prospectus Philosophiae Universae: An Intellectual and Academic Program
5 The Idea of ‘Progress’ according to Juan Andrés: Human Emancipation through Science and Culture
6 Lorenzo Hervás and the “Formative Program” of Historia de la vida del hombre
7 Humanism and Humanitarianism: The Language of the Deaf

  PART 3
Universalist Enlightenment and Globalization
8 Astronomy, Geography, Galleons and Intercontinentalism
9 Antiquarianism, Philology and Rhetoric; Science, Musicology and Aesthetics: The Illustrated Plurality

Appendix I Texts by and about Juan Andrés, Lorenzo Hervás and Antonio Eximeno
Appendix II Table of Universalist Authors and Subjects
Appendix III Thematic Bibliography of the Universalist School

Anyone interested in the History of Science and European letters, as well as in the Enlightenment and the idea of globalization. Keywords: Spanish Universalist School; Globalization; Universalism; History of Ideas; Universal History of Science and European letters; Juan Andrés; Lorenzo Hervás; Antonio Eximeno; Education; Hispanic Studies; Italian Studies; Spanish Enlightenment.
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