Comparative Discrimination Law

Historical and Theoretical Frameworks


Human history is marked by group and individual struggles for emancipation, equality and self-expression. This first volume in the Brill Research Perspectives in Comparative Discrimination Law briefly explores some of the history underlying these efforts in the field of discrimination law. A broad discussion of the historical development of issues of discrimination is first set out, looking at certain international, regional and national bases for modern discrimination legal structures. Several of the theoretical frameworks invoked in a comparative discrimination law analysis are then addressed, either as institutional frameworks or theories addressing specific protection grounds. This first volume is dedicated to setting out an introduction to the field of comparative discrimination law to give the reader a platform from which to undertake further reading and research in the compelling topic of comparative discrimination law.
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Biographical Note

Laura Carlson is the Editor-in-Chief for this Brill Research Perspectives in Comparative Discrimination Law series. Laura is an associate professor at the School of Law, Stockholm University, and head of the labour law department. Her area of expertise is discrimination law. She has a BA in History, Carleton College, J.D., University of Minnesota, Ll.M (jur.kand.), Uppsala University, Doctor of Laws, Stockholm University, and has been a research fellow at the University of Oxford and Christ Church.

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Comparative Discrimination Law: Historical and Theoretical Frameworks
Laura Carlson
 Introduction: Comparative Discrimination Law
 Part 1: Modern International Historical Developments as to Discrimination Issues
 Part 2: The Europeanisation of Discrimination Protections
 Part 3: Regional Human Rights Instruments and Discrimination Protections
 Part 4: National Discrimination Legal Frameworks—The United States
 Part 5: National Discrimination Legal Frameworks—The United Kingdom
 Part 6: National Discrimination Legal Frameworks—Sweden
 Part 7: Institutional and Theoretical Frameworks
 Appendix 1
 Reading List

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