Opposition to Philosophy in Safavid Iran

Mulla Muḥammad-Ṭāhir Qummi’s Ḥikmat al-ʿĀrifīn


In Opposition to Philosophy in Safavid Iran, Ata Anzali and S. M. Hadi Gerami offer a critical edition of a hitherto unpublished manuscript that is arguably the most erudite and extensive polemical work against philosophy and philosophical mysticism from the Safavid period. The introduction offers an extensive and in-depth analysis of the status of philosophy in the late Safavid period, placing Mulla Muhammad-Tahir Qummi’s (d. 1689) work in the broader context of the relevant cultural and intellectual developments of his time.
The content of Hikmat al-‘arifin itself is divided between a refutation of many traditional philosophical arguments about the nature of God and His attributes and, more importantly for those interested in Safavid intellectual history, attacks on Mulla Sadra and his students for synthesizing fundamental elements Ibn ‘Arabi’s thought into the framework of traditional philosophical discourse.

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Biographical Note
Ata Anzali, Ph.D. (2012), Rice University, is Assistant Professor of Religion at Middlebury College. He is the author of Mysticism in Iran: The Safavid Roots of a Modern Concept (University of South Carolina, 2017).
S. M. Hadi Gerami, Ph.D. (2016), Imam Sadiq University, is Assistant Professor of Islamic and Qur'anic Studies at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran. He is the author of The Earliest Shi‘i doctrinal interactions: Revisiting the Concept of ‘ghuluww’ in Early Shi’i Networks (ISU University Press, 2012).
Table of contents
Note on Transliteration

Editors’ Introduction
 Philosophy and Philosophers: Hapless Victims or Elite Contenders?
 Muḥammad-Ṭāhir Qummī
 Hikmat al-ʿĀrifīn
 The Critical Edition



Critical Edition of Hikmat al-ʿĀrifīn

All interested in the intellectual and religious history of the Safavid period, and anyone concerned with Islamic philosophy and Sufism.