Constitutional Principles of Local Self-Government in Europe


In Constitutional Principles of Local Self-Government in Europe Giovanni Boggero offers a meticulous account of the defining features of European constitutional local government law using both an international and comparative law perspective. The book argues that differences between local government systems in Europe, typical examples of internal affairs of a State, can be smoothed away by construing a consistent system of constitutional principles to be coherently applied at domestic level across the whole European legal space. This system can be best grasped by looking at the European Charter of Local Self-Government, which embodies a concept of self-government rooted in common legal traditions, and at its subsequent practice within the Council of Europe.

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Biographical Note
Giovanni Boggero (1987) earned his Ph.D. at the Università del Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro” and is currently Research Fellow ( assegnista di ricerca) in Constitutional Law at the Università degli Studi di Torino. His interests include public international law, comparative constitutional law and local government law.
Table of contents

Introduction: The European Charter of Local Self-Government as an International Treaty with Constitutional Significance

1 The Historical Legitimacy of the Charter
IThe Roots of Chartered Rights of Local Authorities
IIThe Origins of the Charter within the Council of Europe
IIIThe Normative Guidance Along and Beyond Council of Europe Borders

2 The Charter as a Source of International, EU and Domestic Law
IInternational Treaty Law
IIThe Charter’s Guarantees as General Principles of EU Law?
IIIRank of the Charter under Domestic Law of Council of Europe Member States

3 Concept and Design of Local Self-Government in Europe
IThe Charter’s Concept of Local Self-Government
IIInstitutional Design of Local Self-Government

4 The Relevance of the Charter for International and Comparative Public Law
IAdvancing Public International Law
IIEstablishing a European Constitutional Local Government Law
IIIIntegrating Different Local Government Models

All interested in how common European constitutional legal principles have been evolving and anyone concerned with local self-government as a constitutional guarantee of any democratic regime based on the rule of law.
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