Acre and Its Falls

Studies in the History of a Crusader City


Volume Editor: John France
In the crusader period Acre was in many ways a remarkable place, but the most striking thing about its history is the number of times it fell to enemies. The present volume Acre and Its Falls is unusual in that it analyses a wide range of aspects of the history of Acre across the crusader period, combining political, military and cultural history, with a notable emphasis on the memory of the city in Europe. This may have been a city famous for its falls, but most certainly not for them alone.
Contributors are Adrian J. Boas, Charles W. Connell, Paul F. Crawford, Susan B. Edgington, Marie-Luise Favreau-Lilie, John France, Anna Gilmour-Bryson, John D. Hosler, Georg Philipp Melloni, Janus Møller Jensen, J. Rubin, and Iris Shagrir.

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John France, BA. PhD. (Nottingham) is Professor Emeritus at Swansea University and was Visiting Professor at the U.S. Military Academy West Point for 2011-12. His main works are Hattin (2015), Perilous Glory: Understanding Western Warfare (BC3000-Gulf Wars) (2011), The Crusades and the Expansion of Catholic Christendom 1000-1714 (2005) and Western Warfare in the Age of the Crusades 1000—1300 (1999)

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John France
1 The Capture of Acre, 1104, and the Importance of Sea Power in the Conquest of the Littoral
Susan B. Edgington
2 Clausewitz’s Wounded Lion: a Fighting Retreat at the Siege of Acre, November 1190
John D. Hosler
3 Martyrs for the Faith: Denmark, the Third Crusade and the Fall of Acre in 1191
Janus Møller Jensen
4 New Evidence for Identifying the Site of the Teutonic Compound in Acre
Adrian J. Boas and Georg Philipp Melloni
5 John of Antioch and the Perceptions of Language and Translation in Thirteenth-Century Acre
J. Rubin
6 Did the Templars Lose the Holy Land? The Military Orders and the Defense of Acre, 1291
Paul F. Crawford
7 The Fall of Acre, 1291, and Its Effect on Cyprus
Anna Gilmour-Bryson
8 The Fall of Acre in 1291 in the Court of Medieval Public Opinion
Charles W. Connell
9 Thadeus of Naples on the Fall of Acre
Iris Shagrir
10 The Fall of Acre (1291): Considerations of Annalists in Genoa, Pisa, and Venice (13th/14th–16th Centuries)
Marie-Luise Favreau-Lilie


All those interested in medieval history, the history of the crusades and the Latin East, medieval and modern historiography in Genoa, Pisa, and Venice.