The European Union and the Arctic

The European Union and the Arctic brings together academics from a range of disciplines to discuss the EU's potential roles in shaping Arctic governance. The book is divided into three parts. The first part examines the EU’s current Arctic policy framework. The second part focuses on the EU’s engagement with Arctic governance at the regional level and encompasses the EU’s engagement with the so-called Arctic Five (five coastal States of the Arctic Ocean), providing examples of some of those relationships. The third part takes a sectoral approach, analysing the EU’s potential contribution to regulation of key human activities in the Arctic, including shipping, fisheries, oil and gas operations, and marine mammals.
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Nengye Liu, Ph.D (2012), Ghent University, is Senior Lecturer at Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide in Australia. He has published more than 50 articles in various fields of the law of the sea and international environmental law, with focus on EU and Chinese practice.
Elizabeth A. Kirk is Professor of International Environmental Law and Co-Director of the Centre for Marine Ecological Resilience and Geological Resources, Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University in the UK.
Tore Henriksen, Ph.D, is Professor and Director of K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea, Faculty of Law, UiT/Arctic University of Norway.
"[This] is a very helpful book to understand the EU main principles (for example, the integration principle) and the EU legal system. […] The several points of view expressed in the book help the reader to form their own opinion about the EU situation in the Arctic. Moreover, the book is a good starting point for anyone who wants to go further in understanding and researching the European Union and the Arctic. More broadly, it gives an excellent overall picture of the European Union’s external relations." - Annie Cudennec, Amure – Centre for the Law and Economics of the Sea, University of Brest, France
List of Contributors

1 Introduction
Nengye Liu, Elizabeth Kirk and Tore Henriksen

Part 1: The EU’s Arctic Policy

2 Formulating a Cross-cutting Policy: Challenges and Opportunities for Effective EU Arctic Policy-making
Adam Stępień and Timo Koivurova

3 The EU Crossing Arctic Frontiers: The Barents Euro-Arctic Council, Northern Dimension, and EU-West Nordic Relations
Alyson J.K. Bailes and Kristmundur Þ. Ólafsson

Part 2: The EU and the Arctic Region

4 Strengthening the European Union—Greenland’s Relationship for Enhanced Governance of the Arctic
Mar Campins Eritja

5 Partners or Rivals? Norway and the European Union in the High North
Andreas Østhagen and Andreas Raspotnik

6 Searching for Common Ground in Evolving Canadian and EU Arctic Strategies
P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Suzanne Lalonde

7 Russian Arctic Policy, Petroleum Resources Development and the EU: Cooperation or Coming Confrontation?
Tina Hunter

8 Gauging US and EU Seal Regimes in the Arctic against Inuit Sovereignty
Michael Fakhri

Part 3: The EU and Regulating Human Activities in the Arctic

9 The European Union and Arctic Shipping
Henrik Ringbom

10 The European Union’s Potential Contribution to the Governance of High Sea Fisheries in the Central Arctic Ocean
Nengye Liu

11 On Thin Ice? Arctic Indigenous Communities, the European Union and the Sustainable Use of Marine Mammals
Martin Hennig and Richard Caddell

12 Joint Approaches and Best Practices—An Integrated and Coherent EU Arctic Policy in Support of Articles 208 and 214 UNCLOS
Henning Jessen

13 Conclusion
Nengye Liu, Elizabeth A. Kirk and Tore Henriksen

The target audience of the book includes academics, practitioners working in NGOs, international organizations, EU institutions, national governments of Arctic States and non-Arctic States with strong interests in the Arctic.