Challenging the Myth of Monolingual Corpora


Challenging the Myth of Monolingual Corpora brings new insights into the monolingual ideal that has permeated most branches of linguistics, also corpus linguistics, for a long time. The volume brings together scholars in the many fields of English corpus linguistics from World Englishes, learner corpora and English as a Lingua Franca to the history of English. The approaches include perspectives of corpus compilation, annotation and use.
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Biographical Note

Arja Nurmi, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer at the University of Tampere. She has participated in corpus compilation and published many articles on multilingual practices and historical sociolinguistics, using corpus-linguistic methodology.

Tanja Rütten, Ph.D. is a post-doctorate researcher at the University of Cologne. Her recent publications include studies on historical corpus pragmatics and corpus design. In her current work, she explores the potential and limits of big data for philological investigations.

Professor Päivi Pahta is Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Tampere. She leads the Democratization, Mediatization and Language Practices in Britain, 1700–1950 consortium and has studied historical sociolinguistics, multilingualism, register variation, and corpus linguistics.

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1 How Many Languages are there in a Monolingual Corpus? by Arja Nurmi and Tanja Rütten

2 Indian English or Indian Englishes? Accounting for Speakers’ Multilingual Repertoires in Corpora of Postcolonial Englishes by Claudia Lange

3 Mono- and Multilingualism in a Specialized Corpus of New Zealand Stories by Alexander Onysko and Marta Degani

4 What Happens to Ongoing Change in Multilingual Settings? A Corpus Compiler’s Perspective on New Data and New Research Prospects by Mikko Laitinen

5 Multilingual Speakers, Multilingual Texts: Multilingual Practices in Learner Corpora by Marcus Callies and Leonie Wiemeyer

6 Multilingualism in English as a Lingua Franca: Flagging as an Indicator of Perceived Acceptability and Intelligibility by Niina Hynninen, Kaisa Pietikäinen and Svetlana Vetchinnikova

7 English Commonplace Books as Multilingual Receiver Corpora by Thomas Kohnen

8 Multilingual Practices in the Corpus of English Religious Prose: Annotation and Access by Tanja Rütten

9 Semi-automatic Discovery of Multilingual Elements in English Historical Corpora: Methods and Challenges by Jukka Tyrkkö, Arja Nurmi and Jukka Tuominen

10 ‘Multilinguality’ in Learner Corpora: The Case of the MILE by Rolf Kreyer

11 Multilingualism and Quotations from a Corpus-Linguistic Perspective: A Case Study of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria by Mark Kaunisto


Corpus linguists, anyone interested in multilingualism and language acquisition, World Englishes, English as a Lingua Franca and the history of English.