Migration, Integration and Connectivity on the Southeastern Frontier of the Carolingian Empire


The collection Migration, Integration and Connectivity on the Southeastern Frontier of the Carolingian Empire offers insights into the Carolingian southeastern frontier-zone from historical, art-historical and archaeological perspectives.
Chapters in this volume discuss the significance of the early medieval period for scholarly and public discourses in the Western Balkans and Central Europe, and the transfer of knowledge between local scholarship and macro-narratives of Mediterranean and Western history. Other essays explore the ways local communities around the Adriatic (Istria, Dalmatia, Dalmatian hinterland, southern Pannonia) established and maintained social networks and integrated foreign cultural templates into their existing cultural habitus.
Contributors are Mladen Ančić, Ivan Basić, Goran Bilogrivić, Neven Budak, Florin Curta, Danijel Dzino, Krešimir Filipec, Richard Hodges, Nikola Jakšić, Miljenko Jurković, Ante Milošević, Marko Petrak, Peter Štih, Trpimir Vedriš.


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Biographical Note

Danijel Dzino, Ph.D. (2006), University of Adelaide, is Lecturer in Ancient History and International Studies (Croatian studies) at Macquarie University, Sydney. He has published monographs and articles on ancient and medieval history and the archaeology of Dalmatia.

Ante Milošević, Ph.D. (2005), University of Zadar, is Director of Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in Split. He has published monographs and articles in all areas of archaeology and art history, especially in field of Croatian medieval archaeology.

Trpimir Vedriš, Ph.D. (2009, University of Zagreb), Ph.D. (2015, Central European University), is Senior Lecturer at Department of History, University of Zagreb. He has (co)edited number of volumes and published extensively on medieval hagiography and cult of the saints in the Adriatic.

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1 A View from the Carolingian Frontier Zone
Danijel Dzino, Ante Milošević and Trpimir Vedriš

Part 1: Historiography

2 From Byzantium to the West: ‘Croats and Carolingians’ as a Paradigm-Change in the Research of Early Medieval Dalmatia
Danijel Dzino

3 Carolingian Renaissance or Renaissance of the 9th Century on the Eastern Adriatic?
Neven Budak

Part 2: Migrations

4 Migration or Transformation: The Roots of the Early Medieval Croatian Polity
Mladen Ančić

5 The Products of the ‘Tetgis Style’ from the Eastern Adriatic Hinterland
Ante Milošević

6 Carolingian Weapons and the Problem of Croat Migration and Ethnogenesis
Goran Bilogrivić

Part 3: Integration

7 Integration on the Fringes of the Frankish Empire. The Case of the Carantanians and their Neighbours
Peter Štih

8 Istria under the Carolingian Rule
Miljenko Jurković

9 The Collapse and Integration into the Empire: Carolingian-Age Lower Pannonia in the Material Record
Krešimir Filipec

10 Imperium and Regnum in Gottschalk’s Description of Dalmatia
Ivan Basić

Part 4: Networks

11 Liber Methodius between the Byzantium and the West: Traces of the Oldest Slavonic Legal Collection in Medieval Croatia
Marko Petrak

12 The Installation of the Patron Saints of Zadar as a Result of Carolingian Adriatic Politics
Nikola Jakšić

13 Church, Churchyard, and Children in the Early Medieval Balkans: A Comparative Perspective
Florin Curta

14 Trade and Culture Process at a 9th-Century Mediterranean Monastic Statelet: San Vincenzo al Volturno
Richard Hodges

15 Afterword. ‘Croats and Carolingians’: Triumph of a New Historiographic Paradigm or Ideologically Charged Project?
Trpimir Vedriš



All interested in the Carolingian empire, early medieval history and archaeology, and anyone concerned with the early medieval past of the Adriatic, Croatia and neighbouring countries.

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