Liturgy and Ethics

New Contributions from Reformed Perspectives


Volume Editor: Pieter Vos
The connection between Christian ethics and liturgy has been on the research agenda for some decades now. Liturgy and Ethics addresses this issue departing from the particularity of the Reformed tradition and its potential for contributing to the discussion. The volume offers in-depth studies of how to understand God’s acting in worship, the centrality of justice, and the formative meaning of the liturgy, and relates these reflections to various moral issues and contemporary liturgical practices. In combining a specific theological approach with a broad disciplinary treatment of the topics this volume aims to push forward the scholarly discussion on liturgy and ethics in significant ways.

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Pieter H. Vos, PhD (2002) in theology, is Lecturer in Ethics at the Protestant Theological University (Amsterdam) and Director of the International Reformed Theological Institute (IRTI). He has published on moral formation, virtue ethics, Reformed theology, and Kierkegaard.
List of Contributors
Pieter Vos
Part I. Liturgy as Ethics
1 What Makes Worship Good?
Dirkie Smit
2 “God Waits for and Responds to Sincere Prayer and Responsible Actions”
Liturgy and Ethics in Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Gerard den Hertog
3 Catholic Reformed Ethics
Bavinck’s Concept of Catholicity and Its Implications for Ethics
Willem van Vlastuin
4 Theatricality of Liturgy and Its Relevance to Ethics
Rehearsal, Performance, and Hypocrisy
Jaeseung Cha
Part II. Liturgy in Practices
5 Liturgy and Justice
Nicholas Wolterstorff
6 Eucharist and the Ethics of Sacrifice and Self-Giving
Offertory Exemplified
Bernd Wannenwetsch
7 Weekly at the Lord’s Table
Calvin’s Motives for a Frequent Celebration of the Holy Communion
Herman Speelman
8 “Do This in Remembrance of Me”
On the Lord’s Supper, Performative Memory, and the Christian Moral Life
Robert Vosloo
9 Celebrating the Lord’s Supper as Act of Moral Formation
A Qualitative Research Report
Jasper Bosman and Hans Schaeffer
Part III. Liturgy and Cultures
10 Cutting, Binding, and Re-membering
A Covenantal Approach to Christian Liturgy and Ethics
Hak Joon Lee
11 Celebrating God’s Works
The Day of Worship and the Ethics of Work
Pieter Vos
12 A Day to Remember
A Community-Based Understanding of the Wedding Liturgy
Almatine Leene
13 The Priestly Liturgy of Creation in the Book of Leviticus
An Indonesian Contextual-Theological Consideration
Emanuel Gerrit Singgih
14 Liturgical Formation and Practical Ecclesiology
Reflections on the Quest of a Local Church
Hans Schaeffer
All interested in the relationship between liturgy and ethics from Reformed theological perspective.