The Complexity of Hispanic Religious Life in the 16th-18th Centuries


Editor: Doris Moreno
In The Complexity of Hispanic Religious Life in the 16th-18th Centuries, Doris Moreno has assembled a team of leading scholars to discuss and analyze the diversity of Hispanic religious and cultural life in the Early Modern Age. Using primary sources to look beyond the Spanish Black Legend and present new perspectives, this book explores the realities of a changing and plural Catholicism through the lens of crucial topics such as the Society of Jesus, the Inquisition, the Martyrdom, the feminine visions and conversion medicine. This volume will be an essential resource to all those with an interest in the knowledge of multiple expressions of tolerance and cultural dialectic between Spain and the Americas.

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Biographical Note
Doris Moreno, Ph.D. (2002), Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain), is Professor of Early Modern History at that university. She has published monographs and articles about the Spanish Religious History, including Casiodoro de Reina. Libertad y Tolerancia en la Europa el siglo XVI (Fundación Pública Andaluza Centro de Estudios Andaluces, 2017).
All interested in the history of the Hispanic World (16th-18th centuries), and anyone concerned with topics like religious life, Society of Jesus, Martyrdom, Inquisition and tolerance, cultural frontiers in the Americas and the Spanish Black Legend.
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