Forming Catholic Communities

Irish, Scots and English College Networks in Europe, 1568–1918


Forming Catholic Communities assesses the histories of Irish, English and Scots colleges established abroad in the early-modern period for Catholic students. The contributions provide a co-ordinated series of case studies which reflect the most up-to-date research on the colleges. The essays address interactions with European states, international networking, educational frameworks, financial challenges, print culture and institutional survival into the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. From these essays, the colleges emerge as unexpectedly complex institutions. With their financial, pastoral, and intellectual networks, they provided an educational infrastructure that, whatever its short-comings, remained crucial to the domestic and international communities they served during more than two centuries.

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Liam Chambers, Ph.D (2002), Maynooth University, is senior lecturer and head of the department of history at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. He is joint editor of the journal Irish Historical Studies.

Thomas O’Connor, Ph.D (1994), Sorbonne-Paris IV, is professor of history at Maynooth University. He edits Archivium Hibernicum. His most recent book is Irish Voices from the Spanish Inquisition (Palgrave, 2016).
“the editors have produced a volume which provides a series of insights into a phenomenon of genuine importance to British and Irish Catholicism.”
Tadhg O' hAnnrachain, University College, Dublin. In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Vol. 70, No. 1 (January 2019), p. 193.

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List of Contributors
Liam Chambers and Thomas O’Connor

Part 1: Patronage and Service

1 Irish Collegians in Spanish Service (1560–1803)
Thomas O’Connor
2 Seraphic Sparks: The Irish Franciscan and Capuchin Colleges on the Continent
Mícheál Mac Craith
3 Pietas Austriaca and ‘Dispensers of Royal Authority’: The Early Irish Colleges and Habsburg Cultural Strategies
Declan M. Downey

Part 2: Migration and Schooling

4 ‘Bullworks against the furie of heresie’: Identity, Education, and Mission in the English Jesuit College of St Omers
Jan Graffius
5 The English Benedictines in Eighteenth-Century Lorraine
Frédéric Richard-Maupillier

Part 3: Faction and Finance

6 The Spanish Court, Ecclesiastical Patronage, and the Irish College of Santiago de Compostela (1611–17)
Ciaran O’Scea
7 The Early Failures of the Irish College Rome, 1628–78
Matteo Binasco
8 Financial Mismanagement at the Irish College, 1772–98
Christopher Korten

Part 4: Print and Culture

9 English Recusant Controversy in Spanish Print Culture: Dissemination, Popularisation, Fictionalisation
Ana Sáez-Hidalgo
10 Creating an Irish Identity: Print, Culture, and the Irish Franciscans of Louvain
Marc Caball

Part 5: Afterlives – Surviving the Nineteenth Century

11 The ‘British Establishments’, the Irish College in Paris and Restoration France, 1814–30
Liam Chambers
12 The Trouble with France: Making Scots Priests in France, 1818–78
Iida Saarinen
13 The Transformation of the Irish College, Paris: War, Education, and Administration, 1870–1918
Justin Dolan Stover

Specialists, students and general readers working on or interested in Irish, English and Scottish history, particularly those interested in the history of Catholicism, religion, migration and education.