The Chinese Annals of Batavia, the Kai Ba Lidai Shiji and Other Stories (1610-1795)


Autor:innen: Leonard Blussé und Nie Dening
In The Chinese Annals of Batavia, the Kai Ba Lidai Shiji and Other Stories (1610-1795) Leonard Blussé and Nie Dening open up a veritable treasure trove of Chinese archival sources about the autonomous history of Chinese Batavia. The main part of this study is devoted to the annotated translation of a unique historical study of the Chinese community of Batavia (Jakarta) written by an anonymous Chinese author at the end of the 18th century, the Kai Ba Lidai Shiji. This historical document and a selection of other Chinese contemporary sources throw new light on a tragic event in the history of Southeast Asia’s overseas Chinese: the massacre of Batavia’s Chinese community in 1740.

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Leonard Blussé, Ph.D. (Leiden 1986), is Professor Emeritus of the History of Asian-European Relations at Leiden University. He has published many monographs, source publications and articles on the history of East and Southeast Asia.

Nie Dening, Ph.D. (Xiamen 1990), is Professor of the History of Sino-Foreign Relations at Xiamen University. He has published extensively in Chinese historical journals and has edited Chinese historical sources about Overseas Chinese including The Chinese Council of Batavia Archives Series (Xiamen University Press, 2002-2017).
"The volume [...] is to be especially commended for making source material available in Englihs in a fine edition". Philip Reissner, in The Sixteenth Century Journal, vol.1 (2), 2019.

General Series Editor’s Foreword



List of Illustrations

Part 1: Introductory Material

1 A Historical Sketch of Batavia in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

2 A Chinese Urban Society in the Tropics

3 Chinese Sources for the History of the Chinese Community in Batavia

4 Critical Comments on Kai Ba Lidai Shiji and Its Genesis

5 A Diachronic Overview of the Contents the Kai Ba Lidai Shiji

6 Editorial Notes on the Sources Kai Ba Lidai Shiji

Part 2: The Chinese Annals of Batavia

A Chinese Chronicle of the Historical Events at Yaolaoba (Gelapa)

Part 3: Accompanying Texts

1 Brief Account of Galaba (噶喇吧紀略), by Cheng Sunwo (程遜我)

2 Selections from the Biography of Cai Xin (蔡新傳) and from Historical Materials in the First Historical Archive of China Concerning the Debates about Banning the Overseas Trade to the Nanyang during the Qianlong Period

3 Selections from The Chinaman Abroad: An Account of the Malayan Archipelago, Particularly of Java, by Ong-Tae-Hae (王大海, Wang Dahai), translated by W.H. Medhurst

4 Jialaba (甲喇吧, Galaba), by Gu Sen (顧森)


Appendix 1: The Appointment of Captain Tsoa Wanjock

Appendix 2: Name Lists

Appendix 3: Glossary of Malay and Dutch Terms in Kaiba Lidai shiji

All interested in the history of Southeast Asia’s overseas Chinese, colonial history and Chinese and Indonesian history.