Dependency, Neoliberalism and Globalization in Latin America


The Marxist Theory of Dependency (TMD) managed to articulate the insertion of peripheral societies into the international market with the capital accumulation processes of each country. It has become an essential theory for the understanding of our societies. Since Ruy Mauro Marini laid out its foundations, many transformations have occurred in global capitalism and in our societies, leaving us the challenge of updating it against a more complex context.
The real test of theory is its adequacy as an instrument of understanding contemporary reality. The TMD has been enriched and renewed from this work of Carlos Eduardo Martins. It considers capitalism from the perspective of anti-capitalism, dependence from the standpoint of emancipation and reality through a vision for its revolutionary transformation.
Emir Sader - CLACSO General Secretary (2006-2012)

This book was first published in 2011 as Globalização, dependência e neoliberalismo na América Latina by Boitempo Editorial, São Paulo, Brazil.

La teoría marxista de la dependencia (TMD) logró articular la inserción de las sociedades periféricas en el mercado internacional con los procesos de acumulación de capital de cada país. Se ha convertido en una teoría esencial para la comprensión de nuestras sociedades. Desde que Ruy Mauro Marini expuso sus fundamentos, muchas transformaciones ocurrieron en el capitalismo global y en nuestras sociedades, poniendo el desafío de actualización en condiciones más complejas
La prueba real de la teoría es su adecuación como instrumento de comprensión de la realidad contemporánea. La TMD sale enriquecida y renovada de esta obra de Carlos Eduardo Martins dedicada a pensar el capitalismo bajo la perspectiva del anticapitalismo, la dependencia en la óptica de la emancipación y la realidad en la perspectiva de su transformación revolucionaria.
Emir Sader - Secretario General CLACSO (2006-2012)

First published in ... by Boitemp.

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Biographical Note
Carlos Eduardo Martins, Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of São Paulo (USP), is Associate Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), researcher at CLACSO and coordinator of the Laboratory of Studies on hegemony and counter-hegemony (UFRJ). In 2007 he received the Jabuti Award.
Table of contents
Adrián Sotelo Valencia

Theotonio Dos Santos

Preface to the English edition

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1. Social Sciences and the Challenge of Globalization

2. The Modern World System and Capitalism: Origins, Cycles and Secularity

3. Globalization and the Crisis of the Modern World System

4. Impasses of US Hegemony: 21st Century Perspectives

5. Dependency and Development in the Modern World System

6. Revisiting the Political Economy of Dependency in the Light of Marx and Contemporary Capitalism

7. Latin America: Dependency, Neoliberalism and New Models of Development

8. Conclusion
All interested in social sciences, international relations, world political economy and humanities.
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