Children's Rights: New Issues, New Themes, New Perspectives

Editor: Michael Freeman
This collection of essays by a variety of scholars, compiled to celebrate the silver anniversary of The International Journal of Children’s Rights, builds on work already in the literature to reveal where we are now at and how the law concerned with children is reacting to new developments. New, or relatively new subject matter is explored, such as film classification, intersex genital mutilation, the right to development. Rights within the context of sport are given an airing. We are offered new perspectives on discipline, on the significance of “rights flowing downhill,” on the so-called “General Principles.“ The uses to which the CRC is put in legal reasoning in some legal systems is critically examined. Though not intended as an audit, the collection offers a fascinating image of where the field of children's right is at now, the progress that has been made, and what issues will require work in the future.
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Biographical Note

Michael Freeman is Professor Emeritus of English Law at University College, London, Fellow of the British Academy, and a Barrister of Gray's Inn. He is the Founding Editor of The International Journal of Children's Rights and the author of The Rights and Wrongs of Children (1983), The Moral Status of Children (1997), and Children, their Families and the Law(1992) . He was the Editor of Current Legal Problems for many years and a Founding Editor of The International Journal of Law in Context. He has been selected to give the 2015 Hamlyn Lectures on Children's Rights. He also writes on medical issues and on legal theory; the 9th edition of his Introduction to Jurisprudence was published in 2014.

Table of contents


Do Rights Still Flow Downhill?
Katherine Hunt Federle

Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin?
A Critical Analysis and Alternative Conceptualisation of the So-called “General Principles” of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Karl Hanson and Laura Lundy

Common Criticisms of Children’s Rights and 25 Years of the ijcr
Priscilla Alderson

Philosophy with Children: A Rights-based Approach to Deliberative Participation
Claire Cassidy

The Role of Canada’s Child and Youth Advocates: A Social Constructionist Approach
Daniella Bendo and Richard C. Mitchell

What is “Discipline” in the Age of Children’s Rights?
Joan E. Durrant and Ashley Stewart-Tufescu

Developing the Right to Development
Noam Peleg

Intersex Genital Mutilation – A Western Version of fgm
Melinda Jones

Norwegian Children’s Rights in Sport and Coaches’ Understanding of Talent
Jan Emil Ellingsen and Anne G. Danielsen

Children’s Participation Rights in Film Classification Systems
Tim Covell

Teaching and Learning Traditions in Children’s Human Rights
Curriculum Emphases in Theory and Practice
Lotta Brantefors and Nina Thelander

Stand up to Children’s Rights: An Exercise in Listening in English as a Foreign Language
Rigoberto Castillo, Natalia A. Gabalo and Natalia Segura

Use of the uncrc in Family Law Cases in England and Wales
Stephen Gilmore

Words Matter: Textual Abuse of Childhood in the English-Speaking World, and the Role of Language in the Continuing Denial of Children’s Rights
Bernadette J. Saunders

Article 12 of the un Convention on the Rights of Children
Where Have We Come from, Where Are We Now and Where to from Here?
Professor Mark Henaghan

Tales of the Apocalypse: The Child’s Right to a Secure Climate
Anne McGillivray



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