Peter von Danzig

The Story of a Great Caravel, 1462-1475


This study traces the chequered history of Peter von Danzig, a French caravel which was inadvertently taken over by Gdańsk (Danzig). Beata Możejko charts the fluctuating and often dramatic fortunes of the caravel, from her arrival in Gdańsk as a merchantman in 1462 to her demise near La Rochelle in 1475. The author examines the caravel’s role as a warship during the Anglo-Hanseatic conflict, and her most famous operation, when she was used by Gdańsk privateer Paul Beneke to capture a Burgundian galley with a rich cargo that included Hans Memling’s Last Judgement triptych.
Using literary and archival sources, Możejko provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the information available about the caravel and her colourful career.

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Biographical Note
Beata Możejko, Ph.D (1997), is Professor (2016) lecturing in medieval history at the University of Gdańsk (Poland), and editor of New Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Poland and Prussia. The Impact of Gdańsk (Routledge, 2017).
All readers keen on late medieval maritime history and anyone with an interest in the Hanse, ships and the everyday life of mariners and privateers.
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