Creolization and Pidginization in Contexts of Postcolonial Diversity

Language, Culture, Identity


This book deals with creolization and pidginization of language, culture and identity and makes use of interdisciplinary approaches developed in the study of the latter. Creolization and pidginization are conceptualized and investigated as specific social processes in the course of which new common languages, socio-cultural practices and identifications are developed under distinct social and political conditions and in different historical and local contexts of diversity. The contributions show that creolization and pidginization are important strategies to deal with identity and difference in a world in which diversity is closely linked with inequalities that relate to specific group memberships, colonial legacies and social norms and values.

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Jacqueline Knörr, Ph.D. 1994, Habilitation 2006, is Head of Research Group and Extraordinary Professor at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Her publications and research focus on identity and difference, politics and policies in postcolonial contexts of diversity, nation-building, creolization and pidginization, childhood, gender, and migration. Her most recent monograph is Creole Identity in Postcolonial Indonesia, 2014.

Wilson Trajano Filho, Ph.D. (1998), University of Pennsylvania, is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Brasília. He has published widely on West Africa and Brazil, including The Powerful Presence of the Past (with J. Knörr), Brill, 2010.

Contributors are: Eric A. Anchimbe, Maarten Bedert, Jan Blommaert, Juliana Braz Dias, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Christine Jourdan, Jacqueline Knörr, Christoph Kohl, Mariana Kriel, Andréa Lobo, Friederike Lüpke, Anaïs Ménard, William P. Murphy, Francis Njubi Nesbitt, Richard Price, Sally Price, Wilson Trajano Filho, Kristian Van Haesendonck, and Kees van der Waal.
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List of Contributors

Part 1: Introduction

1 Creolization and Pidginization in Contexts of Postcolonial Diversity: Context, Content, Structure
Jacqueline Knörr and Wilson Trajano Filho
2 Creolization and Pidginization as Concepts of Language, Culture and Identity
Jacqueline Knörr

Part 2: Situating Creole Languages in Society

3 Lingua Franca Onset in a Superdiverse Neighbourhood: Oecumenical Dutch in Antwerp
Jan Blommaert
4 Language and Ethnic Hierarchy in Mauritius
Thomas Hylland Eriksen
5 The Shades of Legitimacy of Solomon Islands Pijin
Christine Jourdan
6 Saamaka Language, Ethnicity, and Identity: Suriname and Guyane
Richard Price and Sally Price
7 Swahili Creolization and Postcolonial Identity in East Africa
Francis Nesbitt
8 Chronicle of a Creole: The Ironic History of Afrikaans
Mariana Kriel
9 Creole Language and Identity in Guinea-Bissau: Socio-Anthropological Perspectives
Christoph Kohl

Part 3: Ideology and Meaning in Creole Language Usages

10 Multiple Choice: Language Use and Cultural Practice in Rural Casamance between Convergence and Divergence
Friederike Lüpke
11 Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion Related to a Creole Language: ‘Krio’ as an Ambivalent Semiotic Register in Present-Day Sierra Leone
Anaïs Ménard
12 Krio Identity and Violence: Language Ideologies of Political Disloyalty in the Sierra Leonean Civil War
William P. Murphy
13 Indexing Alterity: The Performance of Language in Processes of Social Differentiation in Postwar Liberia
Maarten Bedert
14 Bambinos and kassu bodi: Comments on Linguistic Appropriations on Cape Verde Islands
Andréa de Souza Lobo

Part 4: Creolization and Pidginization in Popular Culture

15 Language and Music in Cape Verde: Processes of Identification and Differentiation
Juliana Braz Dias
16 Between Purity and Creolization: Representations of Race, Culture and Language in the New South Africa
Kees van der Waal
17 Influence and Borrowing: Reflections on Decreolization and Pidginization of Cultures and Societies
Wilson Trajano Filho
18 Cameroon Pidgin as Index of Speakers’ Social Statuses and Roles: Evidence from Literary Texts
Eric A. Anchimbe
19 From Cultural to Literary Pidginization
Kristian Van Haesendonck

All interested in the study of social and cultural interaction in contexts of diversity more generally and in creolization and pidginization of language, culture, identity in postcolonial contexts more specifically.