Comparative Theology

A Critical and Methodological Perspective


Auteur : Paul Hedges
In this first volume of Brill Research Perspectives in Theology, the field of comparative theology is mapped with particular attention to the tradition associated with Francis Clooney but noting the global and wider context of theology in a comparative mode. There are four parts. In the first section the current field is mapped and its methodological and theological aspects are explored. The second part considers what the deconstruction of religion means for comparative theology. It also takes into consideration turns to lived and material religion. In the third part, issues of power, representation, and the subaltern are considered, including the place of feminist and queer theory in comparative theology. Finally, the contribution of philosophical hermeneutics is considered. The text notes key trends, develops original models of practice and method, and picks out and discusses critical issues within the field.

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Paul Hedges, Ph.D. (1999), RSIS, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, is Associate Professor of Interreligious Studies. He has published ten previous books and authored over sixty papers in interreligious studies, methodology in the study of religion, and theological studies.
Comparative Theology
A Critical and Methodological Perspective
Paul Hedges
 Part 1: Defining, Exploring, and Mapping a Field
 Part 2: Comparative Theology after Religion
 Part 3: Discourses on Power and Representation
 Part 4: Comparative Theology, Hermeneutics, and Interpretation
 Concluding Reflections
 Critical Bibliography
All interested in comparative theology, and the relationship of theology to other religions, and students and scholars of hermeneutics, religion, gender, and postcolonialism.