Maroon Cosmopolitics

Personhood, Creativity and Incorporation


Maroon Cosmopolitics: Personhood, Creativity and Incorporation sheds further light on the contemporary modes of Maroon circulation and presence in Suriname and in the French Guiana. The contributors assembled in the volume look to describe Maroon ways of inhabiting, transforming and circulating through different localities in the Guianas, as well as their modes of creating and incorporating knowledge and artefacts into their social relations and spaces. By bringing together authors with diverse perspectives on the situation of the Guianese Maroon at the twenty-first century, the volume contributes to the anthropological literature on Maroon societies, providing ethnographic, and historical depth and legitimacy to the contemporary lives of the descendants of those who fled from slavery in the Americas.

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Olívia Maria Gomes da Cunha, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Anthropology, Museu Nacional, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Her research focuses on the production of artifacts, and ontological transformations involving the Cottica Ndyuka in Eastern Suriname.
All interested in the anthropology and history of slavery and post-emancipation in Americas, as well as, readers interested on traditional people in Amazonia, the anthropology of the Caribbean.