Giovanni Aurelio Augurello (1441-1524) and Renaissance Alchemy

A Critical Edition of Chrysopoeia and Other Alchemical Poems, with an Introduction, English Translation and Commentary


In Giovanni Aurelio Augurello (1441-1524) and Renaissance Alchemy, Matteo Soranzo offers the first in-depth study of the life and works of Augurello, Italian alchemist, poet and art connoisseur from the time of Giorgione. Analysed, annotated and translated into English for the first time, Augurello’s poetry reveals a unique blend of late medieval alchemical doctrines, Northern Italian antiquarianism and Marsilio Ficino’s Platonism, enriching conventional narratives of Renaissance humanism.

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Matteo Soranzo, PhD (2008), UW Madison, is associate professor of Italian at McGill University. He has published books and articles on Early Renaissance Italian literature and culture, with special emphasis on astrology and hermeticism.
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Critical Edition, Translation and Commentary of Chrysopoeia and Other Alchemical Poems

Editorial Introduction


Ad Marsilium Ficinum Florentinum in Livorem—Against Envy for Marsilio Ficino from Florence

Ad Vincentium Quirinum P.V. Vellus Aureum—The Golden Fleece for Vincenzo Quirini, Patrician from Venice

Alberto Vonico, Tarvisino Equiti et Iureconsulto χρυσοποιίαChrysopoeia for Alberto Onigo, Knight and Jurist from Treviso

Ioanni Aurelii Augurelli ChrysopoeiaGiovanni Aurelio Augurello’s Chrysopoeia
Ad Leonem X Pontificem Maximum—For Leo X, Greatest Pontiff
Liber Primus—First Book
Liber Secundus—Second Book
Liber Tertius—Third Book

Ad Antonium Vonicam Tarvisinum—For Antonio Oniga from Treviso

All interested in Italian Renaissance culture, and particularly scholars of Medieval and Early Modern Alchemy, Neo-Latin literature and Art History. Keywords: Italian Renaissance, literature, history, Neo-Latin poetry, alchemy, astrology, humanism, antiquarianism, Venice, pseudo Lull, John of Rupescissa, Marsilio Ficino, Pietro Bembo, Lorenzo Lotto, Giulio Campagnola