The Power of Paradox: Impossible Conversations


Author: Markus Locker
This book argues that all truths systems include paradoxes. Paradoxes, such as found in the sciences, philosophy and religion offer themselves as mutually shared partners in a dialogue of arguably incommensurable truths on the basis of their underlying truth. Paradoxes leap beyond the epistemic border of individual truth claims. A dialogue of truths, grounded in paradox, reaches before, and at the same time past singular truths. A paradox-based dialogue of truths elevates the communication of disciplines, such as the sciences and religion, to a meta-discourse level from which differences are not perceived as obstacles for dialogue but as complementary aspects of a deeper and fuller truth in which all truths are grounded.

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Markus Locker, Dr. theol, PhD. (1965), Ateneo de Manila University, is Associate Professor for Theology at that university. He has published extensively, among others The New World of Jesus Parables (CSP, 2008).
1Death and Rebirth of Paradox or Where the Rub lies
 1Compulsory Logic or the either-or Conspiracy
 2Building Communications Instead of Forcing Marriages
2System and Paradox
 1Of Systems and Theories: a Trans-Classical View
 2Systems Epistemology and the Power of Paradox
3Paᴚadox-in-the-Box: the Embodiment of Impossibilities
 1Confronting the Impossible
 2Systemic Imagination
4Transcendental Analysis and the Embodiment of Paradoxes
 1Modeling Paradoxes
 2The Body of God
5The Paradox of Freedom, Happiness, and Peace
 1The Body and the Life of Its Members
 2A Body Alive with Paradoxes
6Paradoxical Communications in Paradoxical Bodies
 1The Body of Laughter: Intercultural and Interreligious Communications
 2The Body of the Soul: Science and Faith Communications
All concerned in the dialogue of the humanities and the sciences, and anyone interested in the form and function of paradoxes.