Atong Texts

Glossed, Translated and Annotated Narratives in a Tibeto-Burman Language of Meghalaya, Northeast India


Atong Texts by Seino van Breugel consists of a collection of 37 glossed, annotated and translated narratives in the Atong language (Tibeto-Burman) of Meghalaya, India, presented in phonemic standard orthography. This testimony of cultural and linguistic heritage of the Atongs, who are members of the Garo Tribe, complements the author’s Grammar of Atong, also published by Brill.
Each text is preceded by a systematic literary analysis. The photos in the appendix provide a visual impression of the environment in which the stories are told. This book is of great value to Tibeto-Burmanists, general linguists, discourse analysts and everyone interested in the languages, history and folklore of Northeast-India in general, and Meghalaya in particular.

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Seino van Breugel, Ph.D. (2009), La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, has written a grammar of Atong based on immersion fieldwork, and developed the orthography for the language. He also conducts research on Atong’s Austroasiatic neighbour Lyngam (a.k.a Megam).
Acknowledgements List of Tables, Maps and Photos Abbreviations and Symbols
1 Introduction
2 Methodology of Text Collection
3 Atong Orthography in Relation to Its Phonology and Pronunciation  3.1  Some Important Remarks about the Use of Some Letters in the Orthography  3.2  Allohpony  3.3  The Pronunciation of Double Vowels and Double Consonants  3.4  Glottalisation  3.5  The Phonological Word and Its Stress
4 The Presentation of the Texts
5 Glossing


1 Dabatwari
2 Badri Rongdyng Ha•waimi Ortho
3 Ajot
4 Alsia Raja
5 Pheru aro Magachak
6 Joramigymyn
7 Singho aro Pheru
8 Garo Ha•byri
9 Boba aro Gore
10 Jada
11 Amak aro rukpek
12 Ha•ba
13 Ram nemcha
14 Khem
15 Wai khuruta
16 Phylgym aro Sa•gyrai
17 Nai•nokholthanggaba aro Kynokholthanggaba
18 Do•renggo Wa•dachong
19 Sijyw Durakhal
20 Mongma aro Taw•reksyrup
21 Naweng aro Kumiri
22 Haratgaba Bil
23 Ketketa Bura
24 Pheru aro Gorial
25 Paranggaba Sa•banthai
26 Ja•bek Rymna
27 Amak aro Pheru
28 Thengthonmynggymyn
29 Amakmu Saphaw
30 Kyrynggaba Matsa
31 Amak aro Khu•sum
32 Amak aro Chengchengmachok
33 Magachak aro Rukwak
34 Abu Chakkhen
35 Te•ew Re•enggaba Gawi
36 Nokchi Ang Dyngdang Mu•chiba
37 Bandimynggymyn
Appendix of Photos References Index
All interested in Tibeto-Burman languages and linguistics, the languages, history and folklore of Meghalaya and Northeast India, discourse analysis, general linguistics and anthropological linguistics.