The Orientalist Karl Süssheim Meets the Young Turk Officer İsma’il Hakkı Bey

Two Unexplored Sources from the Last Decade in the Reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II

The book consists of transcriptions and summary translations of two texts in, mostly, Ottoman Turkish, the first of which is the recently discovered second volume of the diary of the German orientalist Karl Süssheim, covering the years 1903-08 which he mostly spent in Istanbul. The second text is a printed memoir of a Young Turk officer called İsma’il Hakkı, in which the latter discusses his life, political engagement and the resulting problems. Süssheim met İsma’il Hakkı in Cairo in 1908 and kept in contact with him later. The texts offer a lively picture of Istanbul and Cairo in the early years of the 20th century, the repressive regime of Sultan Abdulhamid II and the heady days of the Young Turk revolution of July 1908.

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Biographical Note
Jan Schmidt, Ph.D. (1992), Leiden University, is a retired lecturer in Turkish Studies. He wrote monographs and articles on Ottoman history and literature, and is the author of a four-volume catalogue of the Turkish manuscripts kept in Dutch libraries.
Table of contents
IntroductionThe Historical ContextAbout the AuthorsAbout the Texts
1 Karl Süssheim, Diary, Volume 2Istanbul 1902–1906 IIstanbul 1902–1906 II—Travel in Anatolia 1904Istanbul 1902–1906 III—Back in Istanbul 1904–1906Interlude: Germany and France (January–July 1906)Istanbul 1902–1906 IV—Second Period in Istanbul 1906Germany, England, France (January 1907–March 1908)Journey to Istanbul (March 1906)Istanbul (March–April 1908)Journey to Cairo (April–May 1908)Cairo (May–August 1908)
2 İsmail Hakkı Bey, For the Sake of the FatherlandPrologueAutobiographyThe Main TextTwo Digressions
3 Transcription: Karl Süssheim, Diary, Volume 2
4 Transcription: İsmail Hakkı Bey, For the Sake of the Fatherland
Bibliography Index of Proper Names
Those interested in ego-documents; the history of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century; and the history of, in particular, German oriental scholarship in the same period