Arctic Ocean Shipping

Navigation, Security and Sovereignty in the North American Arctic


In Arctic Ocean Shipping, Donald R. Rothwell assesses contemporary navigation, security and sovereignty issues in the North American Arctic. Shipping in the Arctic Ocean is becoming a critical legal, geopolitical and security issue as a result of climate change and increased interest from non-Arctic States such as China. The law of the sea provides the key legal framework for the regulation of Arctic Ocean shipping, and has been relied upon by Canada and the United States to develop the legal regime for the Northwest Passage and the Bering Strait. Navigation within the EEZ and high seas in the Arctic is also becoming more strategically significant as a result of climate change. Multiple issues are raised with respect to maritime security and the adequacy of the existing legal regime, including how Canada and the United States will respond to interest being expressed in Arctic shipping by Asian States.

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Donald R. Rothwell, Ph.D. (1995), University of Sydney, is Professor of International law at the ANU College of Law, Australian National University. His research and publications focus on the law of the sea, the international law of the polar regions, and international law in Australia.
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Author Biography Arctic Ocean Shipping: Navigation, Security and Sovereignty in the North American ArcticDonald R. Rothwell  Abstract  Keywords  I Introduction  II Arctic Ocean Legal Regime  III Arctic Navigation  IV Arctic Maritime Security  V Concluding Remarks  References
All interested in the law of the sea, shipping and maritime security, and also those with an interest in Arctic security, sovereignty and governance.
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