Trends in Global Higher Education

Tracking an Academic Revolution


Today’s academic revolution is unprecedented. Mass higher education has become a worldwide phenomenon, with enrollments growing from 100 million to 150 million in just a decade. The implications of massification are immense—greatly increased participation for a more diverse population including women and many traditionally underrepresented socio-economic groups; the rise of private higher education; diversification of academic institutions and systems; and an overall weakening of academic standards at non-elite institutions in many countries. At the same time, higher education is recognized as a key driver of the new knowledge economy. Because of this research universities, at the top of academic systems, have become central institutions in contemporary society.
Trends in Global Higher Education analyses these and other key forces shaping higher education today. Using up-to-date UNESCO statistics, trends defining higher education are placed in a comparative and international framework. Patterns of globalization, the flow of students and scholars across borders, the impact of information technology, and other key forces are critically assessed. This book is a key resource for understanding the present and future of global higher education.

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