America Inc. - The Rise and Fall of a Civil Democracy


The book outlines the eradication of democratic freedoms and the emptiness that pervades postmodern existence, combining psychodynamic theories of human behaviour with the politics of consumption. The stark contrast between a representative democracy and our current form of governance is highlighted throughout the book, as corporations have become remarkably adept at creating needs - perceived needs - by convincing consumers that self-fulfilment resides in the purchase of the latest Lexus, IPod, Blackberry, antidepressant, or diet plan. The reader will gain an appreciable understanding of the forces that shape our behaviour and the inadequacy of a democratic institution based on the promotion of special interests and the empty promises of political talking heads.

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Dr. Edmonds holds an Ed.D. in curriculum studies from Georgia Southern University, a master’s degree in counselling, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He is a licensed psychotherapist and has worked in the public and private sector as clinical director for both mental health and substance abuse treatment programs, and currently has a private practice in Augusta, Ga. Dr. Edmonds has a special interest in the corporate "branding" of America and its impact on politics, health, education, the environment, and personal relationships.
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