Coming to Grips with Loss

Normalizing the Grief Process


Coming to Grips with Loss is a theory that depicts how people heal from any type of significant loss. The strength of this theory is that it is grounded in data gathered from people who experienced a myriad of losses; of loved ones, physical and mental abilities, homes, careers, material goods, as well as safety, security, and other aspects that people hold dear. The theory is written in a very deliberate manner that is non-pathologizing, relevant to a wide array of audiences, and is transferable to various fields of study. It explains what people say they go through on their way from the initial discovery, assessing the possible impact, experiencing related feelings and choosing coping actions that can either move one closer or farther away from healing. It offers a road map to recovery for those in helping relationships, business managers, community leaders and people involved in self-care. Most importantly, it offers a perspective that normalizes the grief process and offers hope that healing is possible.

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