Integrated Intelligence

Classical and Contemporary Depictions of Mind and Intelligence and their Educational Implications


Marcus Anthony examines theories of intelligence and consciousness, and the way in which they represent (or exclude) intuitive, spiritual and mystical experience. His argument identifies the way narrowly defined “rational” definitions of mind have come to dominate and restrict contemporary discourses in science and education. He develops the theory of integrated intelligence, an expanded model which incorporates the non-rational elements of human intelligence long missing in mainstream western discourses. Anthony indicates how and why they should be incorporated into modern education systems.

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Integrated Intelligence is an exceptional book. I am most impressed by the fact that Anthony has forged ahead and got to where the discourse will, if we are lucky, arrive in maybe another decade or more.” —Dr. David Loye, Ex-faculty Princeton University
“This book is a highly ambitious one which succeeds in presenting a well documented, intelligently structured, convincingly developed concept which could well make an original contribution to thought.” —Dr. Felicity Haynes, Ex-Dean of Education, The University of Western Australia
Educational Researchers and their students