Teaching, Learning, and Other Miracles

Foreword by William Ayers


Award-winning author Grace Feuerverger explores teaching and learning in schools as a sacred life journey, a quest toward liberation. Written for teacher/educators who wish to make a real difference in the lives of their students, this book speaks to everyone who finds themselves, as she did, on winding and often treacherous paths, longing to discover the meaning and potential in their professional lives at school. A child of Holocaust survivors, Feuerverger wrote this book to tell how schools can be transformed into magical places where miracles happen. In an era of narrow agendas of ‘efficiency’ and ‘control,’ this book dares to suggest that education is and should always be about uplifting the human spirit.

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“It is in the spirit of resistance and hope that Feuerverger goes in search of a more fully humanistic pedagogy… A book of inspiration and practical guidance…Here, indeed, is a book about miracles—written by a miracle-maker for the miracle-workers teachers might yet become.” -From the Foreword by William Ayers
“A beautifully written quest for meaning through teaching, this narrative imparts a glow and significance to the relation between teachers and learners that can only arise in an awareness of a darkness ordinarily denied. A fine and unusual book, authentic and wise.” -Maxine Greene, Professor of Education (emerita), Teachers College, Columbia University
“A splendid meditation on education. Feuerverger reminds us of the deepest consulation of the Classroom” - Richard Rodriguez, author of Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez
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