International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 3

Participants in Mathematics Teacher Education (Second Edition)

Volume Editors: Gwendolyn M. Lloyd and Olive Chapman
This second edition of the International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education builds on and extends the topics/ideas in the first edition while maintaining the themes for each of the volumes. Collectively, the authors looked back beyond and within the last 10 years to establish the state-of-the-art and continuing and new trends in mathematics teacher and mathematics teacher educator education, and looked forward regarding possible avenues for teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and policy makers to consider to enhance and/or further investigate mathematics teacher and teacher educator learning and practice, in particular. The volume editors provide introductions to each volume that highlight the subthemes used to group related chapters, which offer meaningful lenses to see important connections within and across chapters. Readers can also use these subthemes to make connections across the four volumes, which, although presented separately, include topics that have relevance across them since they are all situated in the common focus regarding mathematics teachers.

Volume 3, Participants in Mathematics Teacher Education, focuses not only on prospective and practicing teachers as learners but also on school colleagues, teacher educators, researchers, and others who work to provide effective learning opportunities for teachers. The emphasis is on describing and analysing participants’ engagement in mathematics teacher education collaborations and contexts from various perspectives. Thus, as the third volume in the series, it further broadens our understanding of the development of mathematics teachers.

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Gwendolyn M. Lloyd is Hermanowicz Professor of Teacher Education and Professor of Mathematics Education at Pennsylvania State University, United States. She serves as Director of Graduate Studies, Curriculum and Instruction, and as Associate Editor of the Review of Educational Research.

Olive Chapman is Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Calgary, Canada. She served as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
Olive Chapman
List of Figures and Tables
Collaborations and Contexts for Participation and Learning in Mathematics Teacher Education: An Introduction
Gwendolyn M. Lloyd

Part 1: Mathematics Teachers in Collaboration

1. Frameworks for Analyzing Collaborative Teacher Activity
David Slavit
2. Collaborative Construction of Knowledge by Mathematics Teachers in Their Professional Development Communities: Perspectives from Israel and Singapore
Berinderjeet Kaur and Ronnie Karsenty
3. Creativity and Openness as Indicators of Professional Growth of Leaders in Communities of Practice of Teachers Who Teach the High-Level Track of High School Mathematics
Roza Leikin and Revital Aizik
4. Lesson Study as a Learning Context in Mathematics Education
João Pedro da Ponte Geoffrey Wake and Marisa Quaresma
5. Nothing Like Planning and Reflecting Together to Build Trust: Studies on Teams of Practicing Mathematics Teachers’ and Coaches’ Collaboration
Wanty Widjaja Colleen Vale and Brian Doig

Part 2: Collaborations among Diverse Participants

6. Collaborations between Mathematics Educators and Mathematicians for Mathematics Teacher Education in the United States
Fran Arbaugh, Rebecca McGraw and Cody L. Patterson
7. Research-Practice Partnerships in Mathematics Teacher Education
Rossella Santagata, Jiwon Lee and Carlos Sandoval
8. Boundary Objects in Mathematics Education and Their Role across Communities of Teachers and Researchers in Interaction
Ornella Robutti, Gilles Aldon, Annalisa Cusi, Shai Olsher, Monica Panero, Jason Cooper, Paola Carante and Theodosia Prodromou
9. Building Multidirectional Learning Opportunities between Researcher, Teacher, and Teacher Educator Communities
Mellony Graven
10. School- and University-based Mathematics Teacher Educators’ Shared Expertise in a Third Space
Courtney Lynch Rice and Gwendolyn M. Lloyd

Part 3: Participation and Development across Contexts and Perspectives

11. Prospective Teachers Learning to Connect to Multiple Mathematical Knowledge Bases across Multiple Contexts
Erin Turner, Tonya Gau Bartell, Corey Drake, Mary Foote, Amy Roth McDuffie and Julia Aguirre
12. Supporting the Development of Pedagogical Judgment: Connecting Instruction to Contexts through Classroom Video with Experienced Mathematics Teachers
Ilana Seidel Horn
13. Prospective Mathematics Teachers as Learners in University and School Contexts: From University-based Activities to Classroom Practice
Laurinda Brown, Ceneida Fernández, Tracy Helliwell and Salvador Llinares
14. Practising Mathematics Teachers and Teacher-Education Initiatives: Contexts and Possibilities for Identity Development
Leticia Losano and Dario Fiorentini
15. Organising Schools for Teacher and Leader Learning
Elham Kazemi and Alison Fox Resnick

All interested in prospective mathematics teachers’ education, practising mathematics teachers’ professional development, mathematics educators’ professional development, and mathematics education in general.