Understanding Educational Expeditions

Editor: Simon Beames
This book explores theory that can be used to inform how educational expeditions are conceptualised, planned, and facilitated. The contributors offer a wide range of perspectives through which expeditions for educational purposes can be considered.

Eleven accessible chapters examine the following topics:

- The British Youth Expedition: Cultural and Historical Perspectives
- Virtue Ethics and Expeditions
- Interactionism and Expeditions
- The Expedition and Rites of Passage
- Science on Expeditions
- Choices, Values, and Untidy Processes: Personal, Social, and Health Education on Educational Expeditions
- Expeditions and Liberal Arts University Education
- Understanding Heritage Travel: Story, Place, and Technology
- Expeditions for People with Disabilities
- Ethics for Expeditions
- Current Issues

Aiming to bridge theory and practice, each chapter outlines relevant literature, highlights key areas for consideration, and offers suggestions for real-world application. The book will be of interest to researchers, university students, expedition organisers, and outdoor instructors.

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Review Quotes
“A timely compendium and a logical publication for gaining current opinion on a growing area of study and research …. the book is a useful and well-balanced look into this phenomenon, succeeding in its foundational goal to provide the reader with an understanding of several aspects of educational expeditions.” —Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, Vol. 10, No. 2, December 2010, pp. 161—168
“Simon Beames succeeds in bringing together a range of theoretical perspectives thatinform practice. This new volume is relatively short and accessible to students, practitioners, and scholars across disciplinary approaches. Each chapter includes implications for practice and questions for discussion that connect theory with planning, running, and learning from expeditions …. The chapters are succinct and useful for practitioners and educators wanting to enrich their teaching, leadership, and program style. Chapters can be read individually, but the book’s strength comes through as a whole that shows the complexity of the topic …. Beames’s book informs and challenges the theory, practice, policy, and limits of educational expeditions. The focus on a singular topic from a diversity of perspectives succeeds and will likely lead to further discussion and better practice.” —Journal of Experiential Education • 2011, Volume 34, No. 2 pp. 203—205
Educational Researchers and their students
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