Normativity and Variety of Speech Actions


Normativity and Variety of Speech Actions embraces papers focused on the performative dimension of language. While all texts in the volume recognize speech primarily as a type of action, the collection is indicative of the multifaceted nature of J.L. Austin’s original reflection, which invited many varied research programmes. The problems addressed in the volume are discussed with reference to data culled from natural conversation, mediated political discourse, law, and literary language, and include normativity, e.g. types of norms operative in speech acts, speaker’s intentions and commitments, speaker-addressee coordination, but also speech actions in discursive practice, in literal and non-literal language, performance of irony, presupposition, and meaningful significant silence.

Contributors are: Brian Ball, Cristina Corredor, Anita Fetzer, Milada Hirschová, Dennis Kurzon, Marcin Matczak, Marina Sbisà, Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka, Maciej Witek, and Mateusz Włodarczyk.

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Macie Witek is professor of philosophy and head of Institute of Philosophy, University of Szczecin, Poland. His main interest is in speech act theory and he has published numerous papers in the field. He has also authored a monograph Spór o podstawy teorii czynności mowy [The Dispute over the Foundations of Speech Act Theory] (2011).

Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka is professor of linguistics at Institute of English Studies, University of Lodz, Poland. Her main research interests are linguistic performativity and the language of the law. She is editor of Research in Language, an international linguistics volume and author and editor of papers and books which include a monograph From Speech Acts to Speech Actions (2013).
All interested in the performative dimension of language, in speech act theory, both its rudiments and current developments and interfaces with other fields of science. The papers will be of interest to varied audiences including philosophers of language, linguists, legal philosophers, people interested in pragmatics, mediated discourse, conversational analysis, political discourse, types of suggested meaning, the role of silence, and studies in humour.
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