The Fall of Great Moravia

Who Was Buried in Grave H153 at Pohansko near Břeclav?


Volume Editors: Jiri Machacek and Martin Wihoda
The excavated foundations of a ninth-century sacral building in the northeastern suburb of Pohansko, an important centre of Great Moravia, and especially the find of the nobleman’s grave H 153, has focused scholarly attention onto the nature of the Mojmirid state and the reasons behind its sudden disintegration. In this volume, a group of archaeologists, historians and a natural scientist aim to incorporate this remarkable discovery into the wider frameworks of Moravian power, society, and culture, and thereby arrive at some surprising conclusions.

Contributors: are Stefan Eichert, David Kalhous, Pavel Kouřil, Jiří Macháček, Vladimír Sládek, Ivo Štefan, Martin Wihoda, Roman Zehetmayer.

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Jiří Macháček is Professor of Medieval Archaeology and the Head of the Department of Archaeology and Museology at Masaryk University, Brno . He has published on medieval archaeology and computer applications on archaeology.
Martin Wihoda is Professor of Medieval History at Masaryk University, Brno. His research is focused on eastern Europe in the early and high Middle Ages.

"the volume presents a new perspective on the emergence of Central Europe in the ninth century AD". Tomáš König, in Antiquity 94, (2020).

"The volume offers valuable discussion on a complex period and region of history and archaeology, asking many more questions en route". Neil Christie, in Medieval Archaeology, 65 (1), 2021.
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Notes on Contributors

1 The Great Moravian Rotunda at Pohansko and an Osteobiographical Profile of Its Founder
Jiří Macháček and Vladimír Sládek

2 The Austrian Danube Region in the Decades Around 900
Roman Zehetmayer

3 The Magyars and Their Contribution to the Collapse and Fall of Great Moravia or Allies, Neighbours, Enemies
Pavel Kouřil

4 The Second Life of the Mojmirid Dukes
Martin Wihoda

5 Graves, Churches, Culture and Texts: The Processes of Christianisation in the Early Middle Ages and Their Social and Cultural Context
David Kalhous

6 “Founder Tombs” in Early Medieval Carantania: A Survey
Stefan Eichert

7 Great Moravia, the Beginnings of Přemyslid Bohemia and the Problem of Cultural Change
Ivo Štefan

8 Conclusion: Who Was the Man Buried in Grave H153 in Pohansko and What Happened to Him and His Family at the End of Great Moravia?
Jiří Macháček

Historians, archaeologists, and students with interests in central Europe in the early and high Middle Ages.