The Rise of China-U.S. International Cooperation in Higher Education

Views from the Field


Over the past two decades, international cooperation in higher education has become the norm in China and around the world. To exemplify these relationships, this edited volume devotes individual chapters to case studies of China-U.S. international higher education partnerships focused on 1) Collaborative graduate programs; 2) Research collaborations; 3) Student mobility; 4) Multi-institution collaborations; 5) Cultural exchanges; and 6) Branch campuses. These case studies will illuminate the strategies, challenges, and perceived benefits of cross-national collaboration. Case studies are bookended with introductory and concluding chapters that link cooperative activities to theory on diplomacy (including Western “soft diplomacy” and Chinese five principles of “peaceful coexistence” narratives); internationalization of higher education; and reflections on student and scholar mobility between Chinese and US institutions.

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Biographical Note
Christopher J. Johnstone, Ph.D. (2005), University of Minnesota, is Assistant Professor of International Education at that university. He has written numerous articles on internationalization of education and international development education. He directs his university’s Leadership for Intercultural and International Education Program.

Li Li Ji, Ph.D. (1985), University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a Professor at the University of Minnesota. He is an internationally-renowned expert on the effects of exercise on health and aging. His effort and collaboration led to the creation of the China Champion Program and the American Culture Center for Sport.
Table of contents
Acknowledgements vii
1 The Rise of Sino-U.S. International Partnerships in Higher
Education: An Introduction 1
Christopher J. Johnstone
2 China’s Soft Power Projection through Higher Education:
An Preliminary Assessment 3
Rui Yang
3 Dynamics of Internationalization in U.S. and Chinese Higher
Education 23
Katherine Punteney and Yilin Wei
4 Leveraging Confucius Institutes for International Education
and Exchange 61
Anthony C. Ogden and Huajing Xiu Maske
5 Developing a Multi-Institutional, Internationally-Focused Higher
Education Research Partnership 87
Deane Neubauer and Joanne Taira
6 Internationalization 2.0 and Counting: Learnings from China-U.S.
Collaborations in Business Education 102
Anne M. D’Angelo and Lili Dong
7 The New Normal: Student and Faculty Mobility Programs between
Public Teacher Education Institutions in China and the U.S. 122
Mary Schlarb, Shufang Strause and Lu-Chung Dennis Weng
8 An Exploratory Journey of NYU Shanghai: Reflections from a
University Chancellor 143
Yu Lizhong
9 China Champion Program 163
Chi Jian and Li Li Ji
10 Sino-Global Higher Education Partnerships: Student Mobility
Programs 182
Jing Tian, Jiansheng Ma and Juan Cai
11 The Effect of Culture and Acculturation on the Mental Health
on International Students: Implications for U.S. and Chinese
Universities 197
Merritt Huang
12 Conclusions and Way Forward 221
Christopher J. Johnstone
Scholars and practitioners of Chinese and U.S. higher education, internationalization of education, and collaborative partnerships. The book would appeal to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and international education professionals.
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