Creativities in Arts Education, Research and Practice

International Perspectives for the Future of Learning and Teaching


In Creativities in Arts Education, Research and Practice: International Perspectives for the Future of Learning and Teaching, Leon de Bruin, Pamela Burnard and Susan Davis provide new thinking, ideas and practices concerned with philosophically, pedagogically and actively developing arts learning and teaching. Interrogating successes and challenges for creativity education locally/globally/glocally, and using illustrative cases and examples drawn from education, practice and research, they explore unique local practices, agendas, glocalised perspectives and ways arts learning develops diverse creativities in order to produce new approaches and creative ecologies through inter- and cross-disciplinary teaching practices interconnecting beyond arts domains. This book highlights innovative approaches and perspectives to activating and promoting diverse creativities as new forms of authorship and analytic approaches within arts practice and education, along with the production of adaptable, sustainable pedagogies that promote and produce diverse creativities differently. This book will help educators, artists, and researchers understand and fully utilise ways they can transform their thinking and practice and keep their learning and teaching on the move.

Contributors are: Christine Bottrell, Pamela Burnard, Peter Cook. Susan Davis, Elizabeth Dobson, Leon R. de Bruin, Tatjana Dragovic, Martin Fautley, Robyn Heckenberg, Susanne Jasilek, Fiona King, Sharon Lierse, Shari Lindblom, Megan McPherson, Sarah Jane Moore, Amy Mortimer, Alison O'Grady, Mark Selkrig, Susan Wright.

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Leon de Bruin, Ph.D., is a Research Fellow at RMIT University, School of Education, Melbourne, Australia, working across the areas of creativity, meta-cognition, education and interdisciplinary pedagogies and practices. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles, edited books, monographs and book chapters.
Pamela Burnard is Professor of Arts, Creativities and Education, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, Cambridge, UK, working across and developing multiple and diverse creativities research including arts-based, intercultural, inter- and transdisciplinary, and inclusive practices and theoretical terrains.
Susan Davis is Associate Professor, School of Education & the Arts, Central Queensland University, Australia, and researches creativity in the arts, drama education and regional contexts. She is the author of Learning That Matters: Revitalising Heathcote’s Rolling Role for the Digital Age (Sense, 2016).

List of Tables and Figures

1. Connecting Creativities in the Arts: Exploring Diverse Creativities in Arts Practice and Arts-Based Research

Leon R. de Bruin, Pamela Burnard and Susan Davis

Part 1: Creativities in Arts Practice and Arts-Based Research

2. Exploring Particular Creativities in the Arts through the Voices of Australian Visual Arts Educators

Mark Selkrig and Christine Bottrell

3. In-between Practice and Art Worlds: Studio Learning in the University Art School

Megan McPherson

4. Looking for Patterns in the Dust: A Transformative Story of How Arts Informed Inquiry Was Used to Explore Creative Writing and Creativity in Primary Education

Amy Mortimer

5. Bunya Pine, Goanna and Star Clusters: Using Metaphor to Frame Indigenous Ways of Doing

Robyn Heckenberg

6. The Stories within: Perspectives from the Island of Guam

Sarah Jane Moore

7. Good Question: Exploring Epistemology and Ontology in Arts Education and Creativity

Susan Wright

Part 2: Creativities in Music, Music Teacher Education and the Music Industry

8. Developing Creative Ecologies in Music Education: Intercultural Explorations and Encounters in a Creative Music Intensive

Leon R. de Bruin

9. Exploring Links between Children’s Creativity Development and a World Music

Shari Lindblom

10. Music, Mathematics and Creative Processes

Fiona King

11. Assessing Creativity in English School Music Education: A Case of Mistaken Identity?

Martin Fautley

12. Training Pre-Service Teachers to be Creative: A Case Study from an Australian University

Sharon Lierse

13. Digital Audio Ecofeminism (DA’EF): The Glocal Impact of All-Female Communities on Learning and Sound Creativities

Elizabeth Dobson

Part 3: Creativities in Drama and Dance and Embodied Learning

14. Dramatic Learning and Indigenous Creativities: A Kinship Approach

Susan Davis

15. Creatively Analysing Dance A/r/tographically

Peter J. Cook

16. Creative Ideologies: Drama Teachers and Their Ideological Sensemaking

Alison O’Grady

17. Connecting Arts Activism, Diverse Creativities and Embodiment through Practice as Research

Pamela Burnard, Tatjana Dragovic, Peter J. Cook and Susanne Jasilek

18. Propositions and Provocations for Advancing Learning and Teaching through Creativities and the Arts: Creativities Conclusions and Ongoing

Leon R. de Bruin, Pamela Burnard and Susan Davis

Notes on Contributors
This book is intended for both students and experienced researchers across all arts fields, along with educators and arts practitioners who teach in and through the arts, and presents illuminating insights pertinent to early childhood, primary, secondary and higher education teacher educators, scholars and graduates.