A Man Comes from Someplace

Stories, History, Memory from a Lost Time. Second Edition


A Man Comes from Someplace is a story of a lost world, a story in history of a multi-generational Jewish family from a shtetl in Ukraine before WWI. As cultural study, the narrative draws upon the oral stories of the author’s father, family letters, eyewitness accounts, immigration papers, etc., and cultural research. The narrative becomes a transformative space to re-present story as performance, a meta-narrative, and an auto-ethnography for the author to reflect upon the effects of the stories on her own life, as daughter of a survivor, and as teacher/scholar. Summerfield raises questions about immigration, survival, resilience, place and identity, how story functions as antidote to trauma, a means of making sense of the world, and as resistance, the refusal to be silenced or erased, the insistence we know the past and remember those who came before. In 2011, she found her way back to the place her family came from in Ukraine. The book is now being read by students in their ESL classes in Novokoonstantinov, Ukraine.
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Judith Pearl Summerfield is Professor Emerita in English, Queens College, (CUNY). She is the recipient of numerous local, state, and national awards and grants for teaching, scholarship, and research, including being named the New York State Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation. Summerfield has written extensively about rhetoric, composition, narrative studies, and a liberalizing education. This is her ninth book. She introduced the first edition of A Man Comes from Someplace at the Jewish Cultural Festival in Krakow 2015.
All (specialists, teachers, students, writers, general readers) interested in narrative, and anyone wanting to read or tell stories of where they come from, and of connecting their own lives to the past.