Children and Childhood: Practices and Perspectives

"Concerns about children and childhood have emerged as part of public debate and discourse in the second half of the twentieth century. Theoretical discourse surrounding childhood has been complimented by various development initiatives taken in different parts of the world and research has emerged as an important component of this focus, which would carry forward the intellectual and other engagements concerning children and childhood. This volume brings together diverse theoretical and practical deliberations on children and childhood from various parts of the world. It explores conceptual understandings of childhood extending from historical perspectives to extreme expressions of negativity like childism. An historical perspective illuminates the image and imagination of the child in various art forms. The constructed connotation of childhood is portrayed through its cultural comparisons. The close connection of childhood and institutions is explored through the projection and presence of children in schools and legal structures."

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" Chandni Basu is Doctoral Candidate at the Institute for Sociology, Alberts-Ludwig University, Freiburg, Germany. Her research interest lies in the area of childhood, law and gender. Her current thesis interrogates the notion of Child Protection as operative within the Juvenile Justice System in India. Vicky Anderson-Patton is Assistant Professor, Early/Middle Grades Education, West Chester University, PA, USA. Her research addresses fusing creativity with the curriculum to engage student/teacher voice, to develop authentic, safe, diverse, learning environments, using cooperative learning and mindful boundaries in the classroom. "