Poet of Jordan: The Political Poetry of Muhammad Fanatil Al-Hajaya


In Poet of Jordan, William Tamplin presents two decades’ worth of the political poetry of Muhammad Fanatil al-Hajaya, a Bedouin poet from Jordan and a public figure whose voice channels a popular strain of popular Arab political thought. Tamplin’s footnoted translations are supplemented with a biography, interviews, and pictures in order to contextualize the man behind the poetry.

The aesthetics and politics of vernacular Arabic poetry have long gone undervalued. By offering a close study of the life and work of Hajaya, Tamplin demonstrates the impact that one poet’s voice can have on the people and leaders of the contemporary Middle East.

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William Tamplin is a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature at Harvard University. He has published translations of and articles on modern Arabic literature.


All interested in vernacular/Bedouin poetry and its political relevance in the contemporary Arab Middle East.

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