The Historiography of Late Republican Civil War


The Historiography of Late Republican Civil War is part of a burgeoning new trend that focuses on the great impact of stasis and civil war on Roman society. This volume specifically concentrates on the Late Republic, a transformative period marked by social and political violence, stasis, factional strife, and civil war. Its constitutive chapters closely study developments and discussions concerning the concept of civil war in the late republican and early imperial historiography of the late Republic, from L. Cornelius Sulla Felix to the Severan dynasty.

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Carsten Hjort Lange (PhD University of Nottingham, 2008) is Associate Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark. Publications include two monographs, Res Publica Constituta: Actium, Apollo and the Accomplishment of the Triumviral Assignment (Brill, 2009) and Triumphs in the Age of Civil War: The Late Republic and the Adaptability of Triumphal Tradition (Bloomsbury, 2016), as well as two co-edited volumes, The Roman Republican Triumph (Quasar, 2014) and the award-winning Cassius Dio: Greek Intellectual and Roman Politician (Brill, 2016).
Frederik Juliaan Vervaet (PhD Ghent University, 2002) is Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne. He is the author of The High Command in the Roman Republic (Steiner Verlag, 2014) and co-editor of Despotism and Deceit in the Greco-Roman World (Brill, 2010), The Roman Republican Triumph (Quasar, 2014) and Eurasian Empires in Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (Cambridge, 2017), and has published a wide range of papers in Roman republican and early imperial history.

Contributors are: Carsten H. Lange; Frederik J. Vervaet; Andrew J. Turner; Richard Westall; John A. Lobur; Henriette van der Blom; Josiah Osgood; Pedro López Barja de Quiroga; Dexter Hoyos; Eleanor Cowan; Michèle Lowrie; Barbara Vinken; Honora H. Chapman; Federico Santangelo; Rhiannon Ash; David Wardle; Bram L.H. ten Berge; Kathryn Welch; Jesper M. Madsen.
"The volume is a welcome addition to numerous recent studies on the civil wars of the late Republic – which continues to be an area of productive research – focusing as it does on the integral importance of historiography and reflecting on the creation of the narratives we have available. (...) As full translations have been provided throughout, the volume is highly accessible. The editors have put together a substantial contribution to the ongoing work on Late Republican civil war, which perhaps most strikingly draws out, through its focus on historiography and individual authors, the ongoing fascination and influence of those wars for authors of subsequent periods of Rome’s history." Hannah Cornwell in Acta Classica LXIV (2021)

"The editors bring together experts on ancient Roman historians in an attempt to define and understand these Roman historians’ concepts of civil war. Ultimately, this volume demonstrates that there is not one single narrative but multiple narratives on the impact of civil war" M. A. Byron, CHOICEconnect, 2020.57.06
Historiography of Rome and Its Empire Series
Carsten H. Lange and Jesper M. Madsen

Notes on Contributors

1 Historiography and Civil War
Carsten Hjort Lange and Frederik Juliaan Vervaet

2 Sulla and the Origins of the Concept of Bellum Civile
Carsten Hjort Lange and Frederik Juliaan Vervaet

3 The Lost Historians of Late Republican Civil War
Andrew J. Turner

4 Fragmentary Historians and the Roman Civil Wars
Richard Westall

5 Civil War and the Biographical Project of Cornelius Nepos
John Alexander Lobur

6 Bellum Civile in Cicero: Terminology and Self-fashioning
Henriette van der Blom

7 Caesar, Civil War, and Civil War
Josiah Osgood

8 Sallust as a Historian of Civil War
Pedro López Barja de Quiroga

9 Augustus, the Res Gestae and the End of Civil War: Unpleasant Events?
Carsten Hjort Lange

10 Livy on the Civil Wars (and After): Morality Lost?
Dexter Hoyos

11 Velleius Paterculus: How to Write (Civil War) History
Eleanor Cowan

12 Married to Civil War: a Roman Trope in Lucan’s Poetics of History
Michèle Lowrie and Barbara Vinken

13 Josephus’s Jewish War and Late Republican Civil War
Honora Howell Chapman

14 Plutarch and the Late Republican Civil Wars
Federico Santangelo

15 Civilis rabies usque in exitium (Histories 3.80.2): Tacitus and the Evolving Trope of Republican Civil War during the Principate
Rhiannon Ash

16 Suetonius on the Civil Wars of the Late Republic
David Wardle

17 Epitomizing Discord: Florus on the Late Republican Civil Wars
Bram L.H. ten Berge

18 Appian and Civil War: a History without an Ending
Kathryn Welch

19 In the Shadow of Civil War: Cassius Dio and His Roman History
Jesper M. Madsen

All interested in civil war and the history of Rome, especially in the Late Republic, and anyone concerned with Greco-Roman historiography, especially informed laypersons as well as university students at all levels and scholars.