Individuals and Materials in the Greco-Roman Cults of Isis (SET)

Agents, Images, and Practices


In Individuals and Materials in the Greco-Roman Cults of Isis Valentino Gasparini and Richard Veymiers present a collection of reflections on the individuals and groups which animated one of Antiquity’s most dynamic, significant and popular religious phenomena: the reception of the cults of Isis and other Egyptian gods throughout the Hellenistic and Roman worlds. These communities, whose members seem to share the same religious identity, for a long time have been studied in a monolithic way through the prism of the Cumontian category of the “Oriental religions”. The 26 contributions of this book, divided into three sections devoted to the “agents”, their “images” and their “practices”, shed new light on this religious movement that appears much more heterogeneous and colorful than previously recognized.


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Biographical Note

Valentino Gasparini, Ph.D. (Siena, 2009), is currently Research Fellow at the University Carlos III of Madrid, leading a project on “Lived Ancient Religion in North Africa” (2018-2022). He is going to defend his habilitation at the University of Erfurt with a dissertation entitled Isiacus. Agency, experience and communication in everyday Isiac cultic practice. Richard Veymiers, Ph.D. (Liège, 2008), started a directorship at the Royal Museum of Mariemont after serving as Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow at Leiden University in 2017-2018. His scholarly interests (exemplified by the volumes of the Bibliotheca Isiaca series) focus on the functioning of visual cultures and their role within the processes of culture-contact, mobility and transference in the ancient societies.

Review Quotes

'This short monograph (...) can be especially recommended to anyone either conducting or contemplating postgraduate research within an increasingly complex subject area (...). More seasoned scholars, too, seeking to identify the provenance, current trends, and future direction of their own research, will learn much from a text which at a mere 80 pages, is a miracle of compressed clarity, cultural breadth, and long-fermented relection. It also includes a wide-ranging, thematic, and up-to-date bibliography.'

Graham Howes, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Art and Christianity 95, autumn 2018.


Primarily specialists in Greek, Roman and Egyptian religions, but also experts in cultural interaction during Antiquity. Students interested by these fields.


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