Max Weber in Asian Studies

(Journal of Developing Societies I, 2)


Authors: A.E Buss and Andreas Buss

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"Introduction", Andreas Buss "Max Weber's Contributions to Questions of Development in Modern India", Andreas Buss "Max Weber and the Modernization of India", Milton Singer "This Worldly Transcendentalism and the Structuring of the World: Weber's 'Religion of China' and the Format of Chinese History and Civilization", S.N. Eisenstadt "Why No Capitalism in China? Negative Questions in Historical, Comparative Research", Gary G. Hamilton "Max Weber on Japan: The Role of the Government and the Buddhist Sects", Karl-Heinz Golzio "Weber and Islam in Southeast Asia", John Clammer "Max Weber and the Relation of Religious to Social Change: Some Considerations from Sikkim and Nepal", Trevor Ling Contributors Index