Encyclopedia of Critical Whiteness Studies in Education


Volume Editor: Zachary A. Casey
While critical whiteness studies as a field has been attacked from both within and without, the ongoing realities of systemic white supremacy across the globe necessitate new and better understandings of whiteness, white racial identity, and their links with education. Encyclopedia of Critical Whiteness Studies in Education offers readers a broad summary of the multifaceted and interdisciplinary field of critical whiteness studies, the study of white racial identities in the context of white supremacy, in education. Featuring scholars from across the Anglophone world, this volume seeks to offer both introductions and deep dives into the ever-shifting field of critical whiteness research in education.

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Zachary A. Casey is Associate Professor of Educational Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, USA. He has authored numerous books, articles, and chapters focused on critical whiteness studies in education, including A Pedagogy of Anticapitalist Antiracism (SUNY, 2016).
All interested in critical whiteness studies, critical race theory, multicultural education, and antiracism in the broader field of educational research and theory.