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Nira Stone (1938-2013) was a scholar of Armenian and Byzantine Art. Her broad and close acquaintance with the field of Armenian art history covered many fields of Armenian artistic creativity. Nira Stone made notable contributions to the study of Armenian manuscript painting, mosaics, and other forms of artistic expression. Of particular interests are her researches on this art in its historical and religious contexts, such as the study of apocryphal elements in Armenian Gospel iconography, the place of the mosaics of Jerusalem in the context of mosaics in Byzantine Palestine, and of the interplay between religious movements, such as hesychasm, and Armenian manuscript painting.

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Biographical Note
Nira Stone (b. 1938; d. 2013) studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, earning the degrees of BA, MA and PhD. Her interests focused on Armenian miniature painting, particularly on the interaction of religious ideas and iconography, typified in her well-known 1997 work The Kaffa Lives of the Desert Fathers. She also studied the illumination of stories with female heroes.
Michael Edward Stone, BA (Hons,) Melbourne, PhD (Harvard), DLitt. (Melbourne), is Professor Emeritus of Armenian Studies and Comparative Religion in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published numerous academic books and articles in both fields.
Asya Bereznyak, BA, MA, PhD (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), is a medievalist. She has recently completed her PhD dissertation, “Between Baptism and Faith: A New Perspective on the Christianization of Europe in the Early Middle Ages”, and currently works on a comparative study of post-Christianization identities in Eastern, Central and Western Europe.
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1 An Illuminated Armenian Gospel Manuscript in the National and University Library, Jerusalem

2 The Kaffa Manuscript of the Lives of the Desert Fathers

3 The Peregrinatio Paphnutiana and Jerusalem MS 285

4 Notes on the Floor Mosaic from Shellal (Besor Spring) and the Mosaic Workshop near Gaza

5 Judith and Holofernes: Some Observations on the Development of the Scene in Art

6 The Relationship Between Text and Illustration

7 Apocryphal Stones in Armenian Manuscripts

8 Jerusalem as a Point of Conversion from Sin to Sainthood a Story of a Woman Pilgrim in Art

9 A Pair of Armenian Manuscript Missals in the Library of Congress

10 Narrativity in Armenian Manuscript Illustration

11 The Four Rivers that Flowed from Eden

12 The Illuminations of the Transfiguration

13 The Illumination of Non-Biblical Armenian Manuscripts

14 A Handsome Armenian Gospel Leaf

15 An Embellished Initial in a Jerusalem Document

16 Birds from Heaven in Heavenly Jerusalem
Those interested in Armenian Art, Eastern Christian Art, Art of the Holy Land and associated topics.
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