Francesco Filelfo, Man of Letters


Volume Editor: Jeroen De Keyser
Investigating the oeuvre of the Italian humanist Francesco Filelfo (1398-1481), this collection is the first to make extensive use of the critical editions of Filelfo’s numerous writings – in particular of his Epistolarium, published in 2016 by Jeroen De Keyser, who also edited this volume. Uncovering a lot of new information not previously mentioned in the literature on Filelfo, twelve specialized scholars draw attention to long-neglected material, shedding new light on Filelfo’s intellectual endeavors and his literary journey between Greek and Latin. This illuminating collection offers historians of ideas as well as literary scholars and Neo-Latinists new inroads into Filelfo’s vast oeuvre, and through it to the world of Quattrocento humanism.

Contributors include: Jean-Louis Charlet, Guy Claessens, Jeroen De Keyser, Tom Deneire, Ide François, James Hankins, Noreen Humble, Gary Ianziti, Han Lamers, David Marsh, John Monfasani, and Jan Papy.

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Jeroen De Keyser (PhD Turin, 2008) is Professor of Latin at KU Leuven and general editor of Humanistica Lovaniensia. His interests include textual criticism and Quattrocento Humanism. He published Filelfo’s Xenophon translations (2012), De exilio (2013), Sphortias (2015) and Collected Letters (2016).
"...ricca miscellanea [...] con una bibliografia corposa e un prezioso indice dei nomi."

Simone Miolano, Università Firenze, in Medioevo greco, vol. 20, pp. 404-405.
List of Contributors

Introduction: A Century of Filelfo Studies
Jeroen De Keyser


Filelfo and the Byzantines
John Monfasani

Hellenism and Cultural Unease in Italian Humanism: The Case of Francesco Filelfo
Han Lamers


Filelfo’s Plato: Always Already There
Guy Claessens

Epicureanism and Stoicism in Francesco Filelfo’s Letters: A Reconsideration
Jan Papy


Filelfo and the Spartans
James Hankins

Filelfo and the Writing of History
Gary Ianziti


Erudition, Emulation and Enmity in the Dedication Letters to Filelfo’s Greek to Latin Translations
Noreen Humble

Francesco Filelfo as a Writer of Invective
David Marsh


La métrique latine de Filelfo: épopée, satire, élégie, ode
Jean-Louis Charlet

Filelfo, Cicero and Epistolary Style: A Computational Study
Tom Deneire

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