Pirro Ligorio’s Worlds

Antiquarianism, Classical Erudition and Visual Arts in the Late Renaissance


The aim of this volume on Pirro Ligorio’s worlds is to create for the first time a dialogue among renowned Ligorio specialists and emerging young scholars on various aspects of the artistic, antiquarian and intellectual production of one of the most fascinating and learned antiquarians in the prestigious entourage of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. The book intends to step away, once and for all, from the almost Manichean approach that generated a distorted vision of his figure and works, especially trough the complex topic of his forgeries. The investigation of this aspect, that will reveal the necessity of a more nuanced study of this activity, is accompanied by an in-depth analysis of some neglected areas of Ligorio's life.


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Biographical Note

Ginette Vagenheim Ph. D. (1992), Université de Rouen Normandie, is Professor of Latin Language, Literature and Humanities. She has published collective books and many articles on Antiquarianism and Classical scholarship in the Renaissance.

Fernando Loffredo, Ph.D (2010), is currently post-doctoral fellow at the Bibliotheca Hertziana. He was the Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at CASVA and he taught as Visiting Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University and the State University of New York.


All interested in the intellectual history of the Late Renaissance in Rome, especially the antiquarianism and the classical scholarship and also any scholar concerned with interdisciplinary methodology applied on both Antiquity and Renaissance Culture. Keywords, Pirro Ligorio, Antiquarianism, Classical scholarship, History of Epigraphy, History of Numismatic, Codicology, Neo-Latin Poetry, Paintings, Drawings, Architecture, Sculpture, Antiquities, Oriental cults in Rome, Topography, Mythology, archaeology.