Literature as Document

Generic Boundaries in 1930s Western Literature


Literature as Document considers the relationship between documents and literary texts in Western Literature of the 1930s. More specifically, the volume deals with the notion of the “document” and its multifaceted and complex connections to literary “texts” and attempts to provide answers to the problematic nature of that relationship. In an effort to determine a possible theoretical definition, many different disciplines have been taken into account, as well as individual case studies. In order to observe dynamics and trends, the idea for this investigation was to look at literature, taking its practices, its factual-looking and concrete applications, as a point of departure – that is to say, then, starting from the literary object itself.

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Carmen Van den Bergh, (Ph.D., KU Leuven) is Postdoctoral researcher and grant holder from the Flemish Research Council (FWO). She is lecturer in Modern Italian Literature at the University of Leuven and has published widely on Futurism, Neorealism of the 1930s, Anthologies and Canon formation, including Il neorealismo modernista. (2018).

Sarah Bonciarelli, (Ph.D., Siena University) is postdoctoral researcher and Lecturer of Italian literature at Ghent University. She has published many articles on the relationship between literary texts and visual culture including Le avanguardie storiche e la collaborazione interartistica (2014).

Anne Reverseau (Ph.D., Paris-Sorbonne) is Postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven. She specializes in French Literature and the relationship between literature and photography. Among many collective books, she co-edited Petit Musée d’histoire littéraire with Nadja Cohen (2015) and Paper Cities. Urban Portraits in Photographic Books with Susana S. Martins (2016).
Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: Positions and Roles of Literary “Documents”: Textual Games and the Creation of Hybrids Sarah Bonciarelli, Anne Reverseau and Carmen Van den Bergh PART 1 Sketching the Document 1 The Difference between “Document” and “Monument” Remo Ceserani 2 A Re-evaluation of Documentary Tendencies in Neue Sachlichkeit Gunther Martens and Thijs Festjens PART 2 Revisiting the Cornerstones 3 Characters as Social Document in Modernist Collective Novels: the Case of Manhattan Transfer Antonio Bibbò 4 Documenting Berlin in the Twenties: War Neurosis and Inflation in Alfred Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz Stijn De Cauwer and Sven Fabré 5 Building up a “Glasshouse” in Nadja: Documenting the Surrealist Way of Life Nadja Cohen PART 3 Experimental Writings 6 The “Essence of Things” and Their Decomposition: the Use of Montage in Dino Terra’s Metamorfosi Achille Castaldo 7 Tardy Presents: Embodied Agency in the “Documental” Poetry of Benjamin Péret and Antonio Porchia Piet Devos and Gys-Walt Van Egdom PART 4 Generic Transfers 8 “Madrid está cerca”: Spanish Civil War Radio Poetry Robin Vogelzang 9 “Documentary” Aspects in Umberto Barbaro’s Literary and Cinematographic Practice Fabio Andreazza 10 Plot Placement and Literary Plot: How Economic Context Becomes Part of Literature Toni Marino
All interested in the study of literature and more specifically in literature of the 1930s and its documentary value.