The Constitutional Identity of Contemporary China

The Unitary System and Its Internal Logic


In The Constitutional Identity of Contemporary China: The Unitary System and Its Internal Logic, Han Zhai offers a profound understanding of China’s constitutional history with her account of constitutional identity of multi-layered states in other parts of the world. This book successfully bridges China’s constitutional complex and the emerging common theory of constitutional law with methodological innovations. In constitutional comparison, this work’s treatment of the Kingdoms of Spain and the Netherlands provides effective structural and historical analysis. This book does not only awaken China’s constitutional identity in contemporary scholarship but also presents rich possibilities in the constitutional study and the way we understand a country’s fundamental arrangements in its national context

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Han Zhai, Ph.D. (2017), Tilburg University, is the lecturer of constitutional law and associate research fellow at Wuhan University, China. She holds an LL.M. of the Chinese University of Political Science and Law and an LL.B. of Inner Mongolia University
All interested in comparative constitutional law, and whoever is interested in the constitutional backbone of China with a rapidly growing influential role in international relations
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