Decolonization and Anti-colonial Praxis

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Editor: Anila Zainub
Decolonization and Anti-colonial Praxis presents research on contemporary forms of decolonization and anti-colonialism in practice. It pertains to the ways in which individuals, groups, and communities engage with the logic of epistemic colonial power within areas of citizenship, migration, education, Indigeneity, language, land struggle, and social work. The contributions in this edited volume empirically document the conceptual and bodily engagement of racialized and violated individuals and communities as they use anti-colonial principles to disrupt criminalizing institutional discourses and policies within various global imperial contexts.

The terms ‘Decolonization’ and ‘Anti-colonialism’ are used in diverse and interdisciplinary academic perspectives. They are researched upon and elaborated in necessary ways in the theoretical literature, however, it is rare to see these principles employed in applied forms. Decolonization and Anti-colonial Praxis provides a much needed contemporary and representative reclamation of these concepts from the standpoint of racialized communities. It explores the frameworks and methods rooted in their indigeneity, cultural history and memories to imagine a new future. The research findings and methodological tools presented in this book will be of interdisciplinary interest to teachers, graduate students and researchers.

Contributors are: Harriet Akanmori, Ayah Al Oballi, Sevgi Arslan, Jacqueline Benn-John, Lucy El-Sherif, Danielle Freitas, Pablo Isla Monsalve, Dionisio Nyaga, Hoda Samater, Rose Ann Torres, Umar Umangay, and Anila Zainub. 

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Biographical Note

Anila Zainub is a graduate student at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Her doctoral work explores higher education policy, Canadian high-skilled immigration and citizenship through an Anti-colonial theoretical framework.

Table of contents

George J. Sefa Dei

1. Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Concept of Khudi and Anti-colonial Praxis
Anila Zainub
2 Palimpsest, Contrapuntal and the Medicine Wheel: An Exploration of Decolonizing Thinking
Umar Umangay
3 Civic Resistance: Towards a Conceptualization of Anti-racist Civic Engagement
Sevgi Arslan
4 Dancing to the Lyrics of Death
Ayah Al Oballi
5 Reaching for My Multiplicity of Identities: My Decolonizing Journey as an English Language Proficiency Examiner
Danielle Freitas
6 Re-appropriation of the Indigenous Peoples in the Latin American National Discourse
Pablo Isla Monsalve
7 A Pedagogy of Palestine: Israeli Settler Colonialism as a Metaphor for Understanding Canadian and US Settler Colonialism
Lucy El-Sherif
8 Decolonization, Contestation and the Voices of Black Women: (Re)Defining Feminist Resistance, Activism and Empowerment
Jacqueline Benn-John
9 An Anti-colonial Reading of Eurocentricity, the Fragmentation, and the (Mis)Representation of Indigenous Cultures
Harriet Akanmori
10 A Call for Change that Recognize and Integrate the African Indigenous Healing Practices into the Social Work Profession
Hoda Samater
11 Education, Neoliberalism and Humanizing Curriculum
Dionisio Nyaga and Rose Ann Torres
12 Those Migrant Souls
Anila Zainub



Decolonization and Anti-colonial Praxis presents decolonization research within areas of indigeneity, citizenship, migration, education, language and social work. It will be of interest to interdisciplinary researchers, students, and education practitioners.

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