Pentecostal Theology and Ecumenical Theology

Interpretations and Intersections


Pentecostal Theology and Ecumenical Theology: Interpretations, Intersections, and Inspirations brings together globally recognized and newer scholars to address the complex relationship between Pentecostalism and the Ecumenical Movement. Historical essays address topics such as early Pentecostal responses to and participation in ecumenism, explicit convergences between Pentecostal and ecumenical initiatives, and the particular contributions of Pentecostals and ecumenists outside North America and Europe. Constructive theological essays address intersections between ecumenical theology and systematic loci in Pentecostal perspective, in the hope that mutual exchange and criticism will lead to ways to improve both. Never before have this many scholars of Pentecostalism combined their efforts in order to focus on the relationship between Pentecostal theology and ecumenical theology past, present, and future.

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Peter Hocken†, Ph.D was an accomplished ecumenist, scholar of pentecostalism, and longtime participant in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. His books included Azusa, Rome, and Zion and Pentecost and Parousia.

Christopher A. Stephenson, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at Lee University and author of Types of Pentecostal Theology: Method, System, Spirit (OUP, 2013), as well as articles in Journal of Ecumenical Studies, International Review of Mission, Ecumenical Trends, and Istina.

Tony L. Richie, D. Min, Ph. D. is Lecturer in Theology at Pentecostal Theological Seminary, Lead Pastor at New Harvest Church of God, and author of Speaking by the Spirit: A Pentecostal Model for Interreligious Dialogue.
 List of Contributors
Christopher A. Stephenson

Part 1: Pentecostal Interpretations of the Ecumenical Movement

1 Early Pentecostal Visions in the United States of Christian Unity, Retrenchment, and Evangelical Influences
Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.
2 Dissenting Voices or Visionary Prophets?: A Reflection on Pioneering Pentecostal Ecumenists
Jean-Daniel Plüss
3 The Contribution of the Charismatic Movement to Christian Unity
Peter Hocken
4 Pentecostal and Charismatic Convergence: A Divine Trajectory?
William K. Kay
5 Pentecostal Participation in Ecumenical Dialogues: Bilateral and Multilateral, Local and Global
Wolfgang Vondey
6 Changing Paradigms in Global Ecumenism: A Pentecostal Reading
David Sang-Ehil Han
7 Remodeling Our Ecumenical House
Cheryl Bridges Johns

Part 2: Pentecostal Intersections with Ecumenical Theology

8 The Nature of Theology and Pentecostal Hermeneutics: On the Relationship Among Scripture, Experience of the Spirit, and Life in Spirit-Filled Community
L. William Oliverio, Jr.
9 Mediation and the Pentecostal Experience of God
Daniel Castelo
10 Fivefold Gospel and Spirit Christology: Pentecostal and Ecumenical Explorations
Christopher A. Stephenson
11 The Kingdom and the Power: Spirit Baptism in Ecumenical Perspective
Frank D. Macchia
12 Revisiting the Relationship between the Institutional and Charismatic Dimensions of the Church
Andy Lord
13 The Mutual Challenges of Pentecostal-Charismatic and Liturgical Worship
Simon Chan
14 Pentecostal Soteriology: Overcoming the Ecumenical Impasses of Classical Pentecostalism and Charismatic Experience
Steven M. Studebaker
15 Correlating Intra-Christian Relations and Interreligious Realities
Tony L. Richie
16 Church Unity and the Spirit of Ubuntu: Insights from the Global South
Clifton Clarke and Marcia Clarke
17 A Look Ahead
Tony L. Richie
All interested in Pentecostalism, ecumenical theology, and the history and praxis of ecumenism.