The Peshiṭta of Leviticus


The Peshiṭta of Leviticus deals with the Syriac (Peshiṭta) text of Leviticus, discussing presuppositions of the manuscripts' scribes as well as the intentions of the translator.
Its starting point is the critical edition of the Leiden Peshiṭta (Brill, 1991).
The first part of the book examines the variant readings of the manuscripts, assessing their use in the Leiden Peshiṭta, and evaluating their interpretative significance. The second part considers causes of resemblance and difference in Peshiṭta, Targum, and LXX interpretation, ending with comments on other printed Leviticus editions, and the origins of the version.
This volume is of particular interest as a study of translation, and the relating of a text to its church origin and context.


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Biographical Note

D.J. Lane is Principal, College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, and Honorary Lecturer, University of Leeds. He has been Kennicott Fellow at Oxford University, and an Associate Professor, University of Toronto. He has published on Peshiṭta text criticism and Syriac patristics.

Review Quotes

' It will be indispensable to future students of the Peshitta, and a salutary guide to all who make use of this version in the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible.' A. Gelston, Society for Old Testament Study, 1995. ' David Lane [...] legt mit dieser Arbeit eine Studie vor, die eine äußerst wetvolle und hilfreiche Begleit- und Vertiefungslektüre zu seiner Leviticus-Edition aus dem Jahre 1991 ist... Die Studie von L. ist eine unerläßliche Hilfe zum Verständnis seiner Edition. Sie gibt zuden wertvolle Hinweise zum Verstehen der Peshitta des AT als Bestandteil der syrischen Kirchengeschichte.' Wolfgang Schwaigert, Theologische Literaturzeitung, 1995.


All those interested in Peshitṭta text and history, Syriac Christianity, Christian and Jewish hermeneutics, Targum and Septuagint, as well as translation methods and text transmission.