The Scriptures and the Scrolls

Studies in Honour of A.S. van der Woude on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday


The present volume was compiled as a respectful tribute to A.S. van der Woude and presented to him on the occasion of his 65th birthday, which coincided with his retirement as professor of Old Testament and Intertestamental Studies at the University of Groningen, a chair he held for more than thirty years.
The title of this Festschrift, The Scriptures and the Scrolls, reflects the two fields of study to which he has devoted his scholarly life, not only by doing research himself, but also by stimulating many of his colleagues to collaborate in publications initiated by him.
The contributions, a mélange of studies covering the wide range of Van der Woude's interests, have been arranged according to the order: Hebrew Bible (following the sequence of the books), Apocrypha, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Rabbinic Tradition.
From the Contents:
E. Tov, '4QLevd (4Q26)'
C.J. Labuschagne, ''You Shall not Boil a Kid in its Mother's Milk'. A New Proposal for the Origin of the Prohibition.'
J.A. Emerton, 'The Translation of Isaiah 5,1.'
J.T.A.G.M. van Ruiten, 'The Intertextual Relationship between Isa 11, 6-9 and Isa 65, 25.'
W.A.M. Beuken, 'Isa 29, 15-24: Perversion Reverted.'
W. McKane, 'Jeremiah 30, 1-3, Especially 'Israel.''
R.P. Carroll, 'Night without Vision. Micah and the Prophets.'
C. van Leeuwen, 'The 'Northern One' in the Composition of Joel, 2, 19-27.'
G. Wallis, A Note on Ps 45, 7aα.'
M.J. Mulder, 'Does Canticles 6, 12 Make Sense?'
B. Otzen, 'Michael and Gabriel. Angelological Problems in the Book of Daniel.'
J.P.M. van der Ploeg, 'Some Remarks on a Newly Found Syriac Text of the Book of Judith.'
A. Hilhorst, 'The Speech on Truth in 1 Esdras 4, 34-41.'
P.R. Davies, 'Redaction and Sectarianism in the Qumran Scrolls.'
M.A. Knibb, 'A Note on 4Q372 and 4Q390.'
F. García Martínez, 'The Last Surviving Columns of 11QNJ.'
G. Stemberger, 'The Maccabees in Rabbinic Tradition.'
J. Neusner, 'How the Bavli Shaped Rabbinic Discourse: The Case of Sifra.'
J.W. Rogerson, 'Writing the History of Israel in the 17th and 18th Centuries.'
F. García Martínez, 'Bibliography of A.S. van der Woude.'
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Review Quotes

' ...all the contributions are of high interest...'
George J. Brooke, Journal for the Study of Judaism.
' ...this is a worthy tribute to an outstanding collegue, essays proved fresh insights, some on well-known problems; some take a debatable, sometimes a provocative, stance, and ensure that discussion will continue.'
G.H. Jones, Society for Old Testament Studies, 1993.
' ...important references for theological libraries.'
E. Earle Ellis, Southw. Journal of Theology, vol.36.
' ...the editors are to be congratulated for assembling an international team of eminent contributions who pay fitting tribute to one of Europe's most distinguished scholars of the OT and of the Second Temple period.'
Peter W. Flint, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, 1994.
' Professor van der Woude's scholarly reputation and expertise in so many areas is amply reflected in this collection of studies...'
Peter W. Coxon, Journal of Semitic studies, 1995.
' ...das Buch ist ein reiches, bewegt-bewegendes, der Freiheit Gottes in Jesus Christus frohes und frohmachendes.'
Jürgen Fangmeier, Theologische Literaturzeitung, 1994.
' This volume is a superb collection of essays that indicate something of the esteem in which A.S van der Woude is held among contemporary Old Testament scholars.'
Katharine J. Dell, Vetus Testamentum, 1997.
' This is an important collection with articles ranging across the spectrum of biblical studies from the more traditional to the more radical, from the more text-based to the historical and literary, from interest in the earlies laws of Israel to the latest rabbinic productions - a veritable feast for the serious biblical scholar.'
Richard A. Taylor, Biblioteca Sacra, 1995.


Students and scholars of the Old Testament, Judaism and the Dead Sea Scrolls.


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